Pro wrestling legend Jim Duggan reveals he detained home intruder at gunpoint


Jim Duggan is perhaps of the most conspicuous name in star wrestling and recently he expected to effectively utilize a portion of those moves when he was confronted with a gatecrasher in his South Carolina home.

Duggan, who goes by “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan in the wrestling scene, uncovered in a meeting with Wrestling Inc. on Friday that his house was broken into on Dec. 8 and that he confronted the gatecrasher himself.

The 68-year-old told the wrestling media source that a man in his mid-20s entered through his and spouse Debra’s front entryway. Duggan said he brought the man somewhere around himself and got his .44 type gun and held the man at gunpoint.

The resigned grappler added that he heard more individuals outside and figured there could be more difficulty, so he switched out his Christmas lights and advised the man to stay quiet.

Duggan said the man he held at gunpoint had all the earmarks of being scared and thought individuals in the area were coming to kill him. Duggan said he considered the Kershaw District Sheriff’s Area of expertise to assist with dealing with the matter.

“Express gratitude toward God we didn’t shoot him,” Duggan told Wrestling Inc. On Saturday, Duggan tweeted photographs from the episode and expressed gratitude toward experts in a proclamation.

“We might want to thank the Kershaw District Sheriff’s Specialty for their brief and expert reaction last week. A man who we had never seen before move out wall, went through our yard to our front entryway, and was beating on our glass entryways,” Duggan’s assertion read.

“Before we could get to the entryway, he opened it and fell into our home. I held him at gunpoint while Debra called 911. We are protected with no harm. “On account of everybody for the worry and kind words.”