QB Stetson Bennett Sister: Olivia Bennett – Age, Parents And Siblings

The QB Stetson Bennett’s sister is Olivia Bennett. She is a Softball player.

Other than this, Stetson Bennett has three brothers Luke Bennett, Dissident Bennett, and Knox Bennett. Every one of the kin are into sports and are radiating brilliantly.


The kin have twins in their family, and Knox and Luke are twin brothers. Knox is the more established Bennett by one moment.

Stetson Bennett’s folks, Denise Bennett and Stetson Bennett III are the proprietors of Bennett’s Old neighborhood Drug store. They are fellow benefactors of numerous different drug stores, including Smith’s Drug store and Southern Medication Organization.

Bennett never reclines while crediting his family for their genuine help and care. Being the most established kin among five kin has given him such a large amount liabilities.

The Bennett family keeps on strolling on custom with Georgia Bulldogs as his more youthful brother Luke is joining the group.

Stetson Bennett’s sister Olivia Bennett is a Softball player for Georgia Effect Head ’07 – Sullivan. She is a big bat in both the IF and OF in Softball.

Olivia Bennett, age 15, remains at 5 feet and 9 inches. Like her three brothers, she has been into sports since an exceptionally youthful age; she played with her brother.

She is right now going to her most memorable year at Pierce Nation Secondary School in the class of 2026. She additionally plays for Penetrate Province Softball and furthermore Georgia Softball.

As of late in a Softball match-up at Puncture Nation Secondary School, she was commended by the school for her exhibition as she gave three hits.

Other than Softball, Olivia likewise has a strong fascination with B-ball and Soccer. She never misses playing at her school.

Olivia is the family’s most youthful part and has all the affection and consideration of her folks and kin. Every one of her brothers are into sports and getting along admirably, impacting her to improve.

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Stetson Bennett’s folks, Denise Bennett and Stetson Bennett III are business people; they own Bennett’s Old neighborhood Drug store and have put resources into numerous different drug stores.

His folks went to the College of Georgia School of Drug store in a similar class, and their affection sentiment started from that point. Several has been together for close to thirty years.

Stetson Bennett’s dad, Stetson Bennett III, hails from Jesup however moved to Blackshear, Georgia. Denise is the girl of Covington inhabitants, Beasley and Shirley.

Stetson Bennett’s mom, Denise Bennett, moved on from Newton District Secondary School in 1986. She experienced childhood in Newton District close by her sister Leslie.

Denise has her own business named Bennett’s Shop. Prior to going into business, the couple worked at Publix as drug specialists.

Stetson Bennett grew up close by his four kin, Olivia Bennett, Knox Bennett, Luke Henry Bennett, and Dissident Bennett. Every one of the kin are into sports yet in various games with the exception of Olivia.

Stetson Bennett went to Penetrate District Secondary School and played football; he tossed around 9,000 yards and 95 scores. His kin are additionally going to a similar school.

During the normal seasons, Knox and Luke played in Penetrate Province Secondary School games. The twin brothers likewise play football in the tight end and recipient positions.

Their granddad Pal Bennett was a quarterback at the College of South Carolina Gamecocks. The soul in sports appears to have circled from family.

Luke and Knox were born on January 31, 2003, and are 19 years of age. Knox plays for Chipola Baseball, and Luke is a wide beneficiary for Penetrate District.

The twin brothers appear to have no contest; they pile up the score gets and be pleased with one another’s accomplishments. They play for the Bears JV Football crew.

Luke as of late accepted his most memorable Division 1 proposal from the College of New Hampshire to play football, and he will join the group.

Knox Bennett has a solid relationship with Ole Miss Softball player Taylor Malvin. She moved on from Buford Secondary School.

Experiencing childhood in Atlanta, Georgia, the brothers played football in the terrace, and Stetson was dependably in the job of quarterback.

The twin brothers portray Stetson as an extraordinary pioneer and supportive individual; he generally sparkles and clears a path for others before him. Stetson is a rational individual.

While testing Stetson’s sanity, his more youthful kin have consistently had something invigorating spill. They depict him as the slowest eater in America yet setting regardless of the jokes, the brothers are unquestionably glad for where Stetson has reached.

His brother, Nonconformist Bennett, is a football player for the Bears Varsity Football crew at his secondary school. He is in the class of 2025.

Among the brother, he is the most youthful child in the Bennett family. Dissident Bennett is 16 years of age and praises his birthday in February.

He is likewise an individual from the crosscountry and football crews at Puncture Secondary School.