Quahzier Bouie And Jessica Keene Arrest And Charges – Michael Keene Murder Suspects


Quahzier Bouie And Jessica Keene have turned into a hot subject as of late for their wrongdoings. Did Bouie kill his sweetheart’s Dad? How about we find out. A Windsor Locks lady and her previous accomplice attempted to conceal their Dad’s dead body in a plastic receptacle subsequent to killing him fiercely. Jessica Keene and her accomplice Bouie were condemned last week for killing her Dad.

Quahzier Nathaniel Bouie, 28, altered the proof in the wake of wounding Michael Keene. Michael’s disintegrated body was full in a capacity container behind a lounge chair in his Windsor Locks condo on 27 November 2018.


The man imparted the loft to his mom, little girl, and Bouie. Quahzier Bouie And Jessica Keene’s Capture And Charges Jessica Keene, who killed her own Dad, Michael Keene, was condemned on 8 Walk 2023 to seven years in prison. She confessed to assistant to murder.

CT Insider article recommended that Keene and Bouie confessed under a lawful regulation known as Alford Tenet. The two crooks didn’t concede culpability. In any case, numerous realities were introduced to the court with sufficient proof for convictions, so they needed to recognize the state.

As indicated by Hartford State’s Lawyer Sharmese Walcott, he is certain that a fair consequence will be given as he said: It is sure that Keene and Bouie were in the wrongdoing together and a fair outcome was given. They will serve a timeframe in jail as the two of them will be sentenced criminals.

Jessica Keene and Quahzier Bouie have hands in the man’s demise who took them in. The man they killed had gave them rooftop and food. Be that as it may, we don’t have the foggiest idea why precisely why they did what they did. Discussing the charges and decision, the underlying request manage Quahzier was a 25-year sentence.

Be that as it may, Walcott and public safeguard Claud Chong neglected to arrive at why five years had been shaved off. Keene has been secured since her capture around quite a while back. Court at first accused her of homicide, and she confronted 60 years in a correctional facility.

However, Walcott and Keene’s legal counselor, Brian Woolf, could see her out in two years as a result of her acceptable conduct in prison. At first, Bouie was seen as at fault for homicide and had to carry out 85 years in jail. In the long run, he conceded to messing with proof and first-degree murder.

Michael Keene Murder Suspects Michael Keene’s homicide suspects were the two individuals who he knew well indeed, and he gave them a rooftop to live on and food to make due. The two suspects are no other than her girl Jessica Keene and her sweetheart, Quahzier Bouie.

After the homicide allegations, the state consented to the arrangement with Jessica as the case was convoluted. Additionally, her Dad’s relatives didn’t need her indicted. Keene said that her family anticipated most extreme discipline for Bouie, however the proof demonstrated that both she and Bouie were answerable for the homicide.

As per the examination group and proof, Michael Keene, 51, was most recently seen alive on Nov. 11 and was killed two days after the fact. The Central Clinical Inspector’s Office introduced the reason for death. Tragically, the man was mercilessly killed and died of cut injuries in his neck and back.

His little girl, Jessica Keene, deceived specialists that she cut her Dad during a contention however later pinned the murder on Bouie.