Quebec SAQ Punching and Assault Video – Who Is Mario Gosselin?


Quebec’s liquor retailer, the SAQ, has suspended one of its clerks who purportedly smacked a client on various occasions in the face Thursday. The battle broke out after the client wouldn’t be served by a clerk who supposedly was not wearing a veil. The client, Mario Gosselin, says he actually feels shaken by the occasion.

Quebec SAQ Punching and Assault Video – Who Is Mario Gosselin? Mario Gosselin is the client holding up in line at the SAQ in Montreal North when he says he heard the exposed clerk deriding general wellbeing measures.

He uncovered that he heard that the clerk gloat his sweetheart was unvaccinated, and he requested to be served by another person. Due to that activity, he was awkward and requested to be served by one more agent who declined to help him and got forceful.

In the interim, the representative gave the telephone to Gosselin, and the chief said his workers were not committed to serve him. In any case, the client hammered the representative’s telephone down on the counter and went to leave.

He was irate and was setting out toward the entryway when he came toward him and punched him multiple times on the head. The client asserted was thumped once again into a pile of wine bottles, breaking them.

According to the reports, he had minor wounds on his body, and he needs to squeeze charges against that agent. Alongside that, police affirmed to CTV News that a fight occurred, and from that point onward, the examination started.

Is it true or not that anyone was Arrested? SAQ has begun its examination, and the worker has been suspended endlessly. There is no such data about anybody’s capture warrant.

The SAQ worker supposedly punches the client on different occasions after veil conflict; the police examination is in progress. The clinician Linda Pagani said two years of lockdowns, limitations, and COVID-19 tensions have everybody feeling anxious.