Queen Elizabeth II Was Comforted By Her Beloved Corgis ‘In Her Final Hours,’ Says Source

Sovereign Elizabeth II’s esteemed corgis were with her beyond what many would consider possible.

The late ruler, who kicked the pail on Sept. 8 at 96 years old, loose in light of the association of her little men – – Sandy and Muick – – as she organized to say her last goodbyes. The canines had been given to her as a gift by Ruler Andrew, who has now taken command over their thought, and his young ladies, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.


A source tells ET, “Sovereign Elizabeth’s valued corgis were with her in her last hours in her room at Balmoral,” adding that the pair “were there to comfort the sovereign.”

Despite her corgis, Elizabeth moreover had the choice to see her most seasoned youngster, Ruler Charles III, her daughter, Princess Anne, and Charles’ soul mate, Camilla, the Sovereign Partner, before she died. Various people from the majestic family, including her grandsons Ruler William and Sovereign Harry, went to Balmoral upon the new understanding about her declining prosperity, yet unfortunately didn’t make it in order to see the late ruler before she passed on.

Sandy and Muick were furthermore seen reliably holding on for their late owner as the sovereign’s last resting place returned to Windsor Castle before her internment last week.

Elizabeth was for a long while known for her love for canines, and it’s something that would certainly merit discussing, Mugford acknowledges, that presumably given her pleasure as her prosperity declined.

“It was wonderful so much that, in her latest few years, she had two little corgis and various canines around her,” he actually told ET, “considering the way that doubtlessly that any of us, at any stage in our life, yet particularly when our life feels like it’s declining and upsetting… to have the choice to reach and stroke and be esteemed by an imprudent admirer, which is a canine, is an exceptional comfort.”