Quinton Tellis: Was He Convicted? Updates on the hearing and murder verdict for Jessica Chambers

Quinton Tellis: Was He Convicted? Refreshes on the paying attention to and murder decision for Jessica Chambers

Quinton Tellis is associated with killing Jessica Chambers, a College of Louisiana at Monroe understudy who gave away in 2015 in the wake of being scorched to kicking the bucket. He moreover killed Ming-Chen Hsiao in a similar strategy.


Tellis has more than once showed up in court agenda procedures. The jury hasn’t been in that frame of mind to achieve a decision, despite the fact that. At the point when Tellis’ lawyers attempted to fashioned uncertainty on a big part of the case’s evidence, it was delayed when extra.

In 2015, Quinton Tellis was accused of killing Jessica Chambers. Quinton Tellis wounded Jessica Chambers, an understudy at ULM, in 2015. The Courtland, Texas, team promoter, who was 19 years past, worked in a pieces of clothing retailer. She was notable for advancing opiates and got various thought from her male companions, with regards to court agenda desk work.

Chambers had moved to a nearby fuel station in 2015 to recharge her car. By and by, she was at that point past saving when firemen showed up on the location of her car’s obliteration. However Chambers didn’t especially express that someone set her on chimney, she brought up the names “Eric” or “Derrick.” The case has since form into extremely troublesome.

She was taken to an emergency clinic in Memphis, the spot the following day she gave away from her injuries. As per the clinical data, she died in light of a glow harm.

Erics and Derricks have been searched for on the grounds that the police started an examination concerning the occurrence. They have been not able to decide the guilty party, despite the fact that.

Police at last paid Quinton Tellis, an individual from a pack, thought. The day she gave away, he was with Chambers.

Despite clashing surveys, Tellis admitted to having laid down with Jessica when to the police and provided a definite depiction of the scene.

Tellis was kept in an Ouachita Parish, Louisiana prison cell subsequent to being charged in Mississippi in February 2016. He was accused of the murder of Ming-Chen Hsiao, a Taiwanese young lady and ULM alumna. His preliminary for the case came upon in January 2022.

Quinton Tellis: Was He Convicted? In 2017, Quinton Tellis was gone after for the Jessica Chambers case. He was kept because of proof that he known as Chambers past to her perishing. Also, the proof asked that Tellis had compromised Chambers in his sends.

Another fundamental piece of information showed that Tellis was a definitive person to satisfy Chambers sooner than she gave away.

He was charged in February 2016, and the primer preliminary happened to in October 2017. He did, in any case, enter a supplication of not mindful to the expense of capital crime.

His retrial in Batesville, Mississippi, entered a legal blunder on October 1, 2018, on the seventh day, because of court agenda’s insufficiency to choose.

Paying attention to for Quinton Tellis is deferred and rescheduled The Louisiana manslaughter preliminary of Quinton Tellis has seen another postponement.

The preliminary will start on August 29, 2022, and a conclude will manage it, with regards to WJTV. He’s at present being confined in Monroe on the Ouachita Correctional Middle.

Tellis was accused of second-degree murder regarding Ming-Chen Hsiao’s passing in 2019. In the wake of arguing mindful to something like one depend of using Hsiao’s entrance card with out authorization, he was condemned to 10 years in prison.