Racket going on in the country on the pretext of bonded labour


New Delhi, Sep 7 (IANS) The Supreme Court on Wednesday orally saw that a racket is running for the sake of reinforced work and the workers exploit it.

A seat, headed by Justice Hemant Gupta, saw that there is nothing similar to reinforced workers, and on second thought these workers take the cash and work at block ovens.


The seat, likewise including Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia, said: “They come from in reverse regions. They take the cash and eat, and afterward leave.”

The top court was hearing a supplication by late friendly dissident Swami Agnivesh for the benefit of a lady laborer, who had claimed that she was assaulted by a partner of block oven worker for hire in RS Pura sub-division of Jammu.

Counsel, addressing Jammu and Kashmir, submitted before the seat that the matter was explored after a case was stopped. Nonetheless, in 2018, the case shut as the person in question, who had made charges the partner of a block furnace worker for hire, couldn’t be followed.

The seat noticed that a point by point reaction has been documented by the Jammu and Kashmir government.

The seat additionally added that this is a racket in the country. “These workers just exploit this fortified worker thing”.

It was claimed that in 2012, the person in question and her better half needed to get back to their local state, yet the project worker requested that they store Rs 3 lakh as a condition to ease them from their administrations. The lady was exposed to unlawful constrainment, where she was over and over assaulted.