Rae Dawn Chong Siblings | Meet Sister Robbi And Brother

Rae Dawn Chong is an American-Canadian entertainer most popular for her jobs in theater and films. She has likewise showed up on TV.

She has gotten different distinctions over the span of her four-decade profession, including the Genie Grant for Best Entertainer for her presentation in Journey for Fire.


She had a couple of brief TV appearances before to her 1978 melodic show Stony Island debut.

Like this, she made her Hollywood presentation with Beat Road in 1984. She has additionally acted in the films Commando, Soul Man, and Purple.

Rae Dawn Chong is very much regarded after a long and effective profession, and she continues to cause disturbances with new film jobs.

Meet Robbi and Valuable Chong, sisters of Rae Dawn Chong
Following her job in Commando, Rae Dawn Chong acquired reputation. Like this, her presence in the dream picture Mission for Fire in 1981 assisted with advancing her prospering artistic vocation.

Robbi Chong, Valuable Chong, Paris Chong, Gilbran Chong, and Marcus Chong are her two sisters and her brothers.

The five kin and their sister each accomplished early vocation accomplishment since they were all notable superstar kids.

Model and entertainer Robbi Chong is Rae Dawn Chong’s sister. Maxine Sned is the mother of Robbi. From her dad’s subsequent marriage, she likewise has three stepbrothers and a relative.

Alongside Rae, two of her sisters — Robbi and Valuable — and her supportive kin — Marcus Chong — have all decided to be entertainers.

She has barely any familiarity with her different kin, however it seems like they have various objectives and courses throughout everyday life.

Robbi Chong and Rae Dawn have been seen together at various occasions, it are near show that they.

Rae Dawn Chong’s Folks And Family
Skilled Canadian-American entertainer Rae Dawn Chong has kept up her star power in Hollywood with a considerable rundown of film industry victories.

She was born to Tommy Chong and Maxine Sneed on February 28, 1961. The capable entertainer will be 62 years of age in 2023. Her dad is a notable Canadian humorist named Tommy Chong.

It’s hazy in the event that Chong and her natural mother Gail Lewis share a similar bond as she has with her dad. The entertainer and her dad had a cozy relationship and both entered the diversion business.

Tommy Chong, whose genuine name is Thomas B. Family Chong, was born on May 24th, 1938. He is a humorist, entertainer, performer, and campaigner. Her dad Tommy started his expert life in 1962.

Chinese and Scots-Irish starting points make up Rae’s dad’s fatherly genealogy. Her embraced mother, Gail Lewis, was of Dark Canadian beginning.

Furthermore, Maxine Sneed, her stepmother, had filled in as the magazine’s proofreader. Chong credits her dad’s help and impact for assisting with laying out her acting vocation.

She said that the thought for a few of the jobs she depicted on TV came from her dad. Her folks resided in Edmonton, Canada, where she spent her childhood. She has likewise chipped away at various imaginative ventures with her loved ones.

Chong had the option to get different positions on account of his famous guardians. The entertainer’s folks verifiably fundamentally affected her profession, impacting her perspectives and encounters. Her family foundation eventually gave evidence of her differed jobs.