Rahama Sadau Wins the Award Of The Best African Actress At the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival

A notable lovely Nollywood entertainer, producer, and humanitarian, Rahama Sadau has won the Honor for Best African Entertainer at the Toronto Global Nollywood Film Celebration in Canada.

Rahama Sadau took to her authority Twitter handle to spread the word. She has uncovered that she won the Best African Entertainer at Toronto Worldwide Nollywood Film Celebration in Canada.


Rahama Sadau further said that, when she got the designation, she let herself know that, it is sufficient to praise and be glad for, and that, little she didn’t have the foggiest idea about that the child (grant) is getting back home to her, the experience she communicated as mind blowing!.

She said thanks to her chief, AY Jokester, for the brilliant open door as she expressed; “Unique thank to my manager @AYCOMDIAN for such a magnificent open door and for putting stock in me… ”

She likewise praised her whole group, and said, she was unable to trust that the world will see ‘almagiri’. Rahama Sadau likewise showed her appreciation to the coordinator of the honor in Canada.