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Rahim Grant was shot to death before his little girl. What was the deal? Here is a Case update on the nearby rapper.Award wa s a hopeful rapper situated in Georgia, the United States. Nonetheless, his passing in 2917 shook the entire town. Keep perusing to know it all.

Rahim Grant’s girl was there when he was shot dead. Rahim had a girl with his accomplice Ciera Harp. The pair had met in a club. Also, their relationship developed when Rahim employed her to advance his shows.

They lived respectively in Clayton Country after their child young lady was born. Rahim Grant was killed by Ciera Harp on 29th December 2017. Ciera was the mother of his little girl.

He is supposed to be shot multiple times before he died. According to the news entry, the pair had a contention before Ciera shot him. In any case, Ciera around then guaranteed it as self-protection.

She even went to the neighbor draining and expressed Rahim assaulted her with a blade and she shot her. The matter was being examined as self-protection until the cops discovered a video on Rahim’s phone.

Rahim Grant recorded his demise video. In spite of the fact that the case was explored as self-protection, the video shook everybody. Indeed, it changed the entire situation of the case.

The video recording on Rahim’s telephone started when they were having a contention. Ciera is heard yelling at Rahim expressing he manhandled her previously and afterward shot him a few times.

Rahim is even heard asking her not to shoot but rather he was shot before his little girl. The casualty requested water and the opportunity to embrace his girl one final time before he died.

Ciera Harp is currently serving her time in jail. She was demonstrated liable on 22nd May 2019. She has now been detained for a very long time for killing her sweetheart, Rahim Grant.

According to the news entrance, Ciera’s mother expressed that her girl was manipulative. She additionally mentioned the court to sanitize her so she could presently don’t have children and give her a capital punishment without the chance for further appeal.

Notwithstanding, Ciera’s uncle told the court that she struggled as a youngster. Besides, Ciera apologized to Rahim’s family and said she was not in the right perspective. In any case, the court condemned her to 125 years in jail.