Rajjo 27th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun makes a promise to Urvashi

The episode begins with Arjun getting treated for his injury in the medical clinic. The specialist says that he won’t feel torment as he gave him an infusion. He recalls a FB in which Arjun really focused on Rajjo and grins. Arjun believes that he ought to quit considering Rajjo she’s blissful in her life and spotlight on Urvashi. He takes out his telephone to message her, however he can’t. In the interim, Rajjo is hanging tight for Arjun’s call/message. Manorama shows up there and says that Rajjo ought to wear a dark bangle alongside yellow bangles. Be that as it may, Vicky neglected to bring it. All at once, Rajjo’s companion and her mother show up there to go to Rajjo’s wedding. They say that they brought dark bangles for Rajjo.

Rajjo’s companion is eager to see Rajjo’s new telephone and snaps a selfie with her. She then, at that point, clicks Rajjo’s photograph alone. Rajjo sees her photograph and says that assuming she sends this photograph to Arjun, he will test her sanity. Rajjo’s companion gets some information about. Rajjo says nobody and requests that she return her telephone. Her companion rejects and demands telling whom she was discussing. Rajjo’s photograph gets shipped off Arjun erroneously. Arjun sees Rajjo’s photograph.


Madhu, Chirag, Pushkar and Kavita are in the clinic. Chirag guarantees Madhu that Arjun is fine and gives her a water jug to drink. Madhu says that she feels glad to see Chirag satisfying his senior brother’s obligations. Pushkar tells Madhu that, in one way, it’s great that Arjun got a little physical issue and got saved from any big risk.

Madhu says that Rajjo is the biggest risk and says that it’s great that she left. Pushkar gets a call and goes aside to talk. The specialist shares with Madhu and Chirag that they can meet Arjun. They express gratitude toward him and head inside. The specialist sees Pushkar and remembers him as a similar individual who brought a pregnant Manorama to him.

Chirag sees that Arjun is taking a gander at Rajjo’s photograph and he shouts to him to caution him. Arjun conceals his telephone before Madhu sees Rajjo’s photograph on his telephone. Madhu shares with Arjun that the specialist said that he is fine. Arjun jokes that he needs to move in his pre-wedding function. Chirag inquires as to whether he is certain, in the event that he has no aggravation, alluding to his heart. Arjun says that he needs no more agony and places his telephone in his pocket. In the mean time, the specialist stands up to Pushkar. He says that prior years, Pushkar brought a pregnant Manorama to him to do her early termination even without her insight.

He says that he looked for Manorama and figured out she’s a competitor. He reproaches Pushkar for demolishing Manorama’s life. He drives him and leaves. Arjun and Kavita see this and ask Pushkar for what good reason the specialist acted impolitely towards him. Pushkar lies that the specialist acted that way as he wouldn’t give a gift to his clinic. Pushkar imagines that Manorama and Rajjo are tormenting him and it’s great that he let Vicky handle them.

Vicky sees Rajjo conversing with her companion and is cheerful about bringing in cash by dealing Rajjo. In the mean time, the police monitor checks Vicky’s photograph in their records and observes that he is a needed criminal who deals young ladies. He says that he was unable to tap the vehicle number in which Vicky went, yet he tapped the other vehicle photograph number. He requests that the constable get insights regarding that vehicle. Vicky shows Rajjo to his companions and plans to traffic her.

Arjun comes ground floor preparing for his Tilak function. Arjun sees Urvashi and feels that he ought to quit fouling up to Urvashi. He erases Rajjo’s photograph from his telephone. He praises Urvashi about her appearance. He is sorry to Urvashi for harming her and commitments her to contemplate them from now on. He clicks a selfie with Urvashi. In the interim, Vicky snaps an image of himself and Rajjo. Manorama requests that Rajjo grin. Rajjo powers a grin. Here Arjun hits the dance floor with the relatives and Madhu is glad to see him cheerful.

Rajjo hears a vehicle horn sound. She thinks Arjun has come and races to see him. She envisions Arjun. She becomes vexed when she understands that it’s her creative mind. She says that she misses Arjun a ton. Manorama hears this. There Arjun additionally envisions Rajjo and grins. He misses her.

The episode closes. recap: Here Arjun’s haldi function is happening while Rajjo and Vicky are having their haldi service. Arjun’s companions act up with Rajjo. Rajjo pushes them down. Arjun irately gets up from his wedding mandap.

The episode begins with Manorama requesting that Rajjo fabricate her existence with Vicky. She then tells that his and Rajjo’s universes are unique, so requests that he fail to remember Rajjo. That’s what she says in the event that their gathering is a happenstance, their partition is their predetermination. Manorama requests that Rajjo come and sits in the vehicle. Rajjo and Arjun take a gander at one another, reviewing their every one of their minutes together and feel profound. Zalima Kyu hai dooriyaan plays in the BG. The two of them get into their separate vehicles, taking a gander at one another.

A cop sees Vicky driving off with a young lady. He is dubious of Vicky and clicks his photograph. Kalindi is with Kavita. She vents out her annoyance about Madhu offending Kavita before everybody. She additionally whines about Madhu adoring Arjun more than Chirag. Kalindi cries and says that she attempted to keep her relationship with Chirag alive, yet proved unable. Kavita recommends Kalindi have a second kid with Chirag to eliminate the distance among her and Chirag. Kalindi rejects. She says that she doesn’t cherish him any longer. Kavita says that Kalindi needs to keep up with the relationship for the general public. Rough shows up there and stops at the doorstep, seeing Kavita with Kalindi. Kalindi sees Rough. Kavita requests that Kalindi pick either herself and her loved ones. Kavita leaves. Rough stows away.

Vicky carries Rajjo and Manorama to a house. He tells Rajjo that this is a decent spot and he used to drape out there with his companions. In the mean time, Arjun gets back. Madhu goes up against Arjun about pursuing Rajjo. She gives him the matrimonial chain they made for Urvashi. She requests that he attach it around Rajjo’s neck and settle with her in America, yet requests to play out her last customs before that. Arjun says that Madhu is a misguided judgment. Madhu questions Arjun about his affections for Rajjo.