Raul Guillen murder: Where is William Shane Parker now?


In Walk 2022, William Shane Parker, the supposed shooter in association with Raul Guillen’s 2020 Fourth of July murder case, was sentenced on two counts – second-degree murder with a gun and altering proof.

Guillen was shot toward the rear of the head and covered in a shallow grave in Holmes District by Parker. The last option then, at that point, covered his body with the help of another man named Jeremie Peters and their third accessory, Lauren Wambles. The casualty was accounted for missing by his little girl, and his spoiling remains were in the end found toward the finish of August 2020.


Parker was then condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole. As indicated by reports, he was moved to the Florida Division of Rectifications, where he remains carrying out his extensive punishment to date.

An impending genuine wrongdoing series called Floribama Murders, booked to debut this Saturday, January 7, 2023, at 9 pm ET on Oxygen, will account Raul Guillen’s vanishing and ensuing homicide case. The rundown for the episode, named Jackson Region Shamefulness, states:

“Specialists from three separate regions along the Floribama line collaborate with the girl of a missing Jackson District, Florida, man to uncover how the firecrackers at a fourth of July festivity finished in murder.”
This article will additionally dig into Guillen’s homicide, the conviction of William Shane Parker, and in the middle between.

At the point when an examination drove analysts to Peters’ 1101 Expressway 171 home, where 51-year-old Raul Guillen was last spotted, it prompted the capture of William Shane Parker in August 2020. He was captured close by his associates Jeremie Odell Peters and Lauren Wambles, a previous porno star. Upon additional examination concerning two properties on Roadway 171, including Peters’, specialists found more proof associated with Guillen’s killing.

Utilizing the help of salvage dead body canines, specialists found Guillen’s breaking down stays in a shallow grave situated off Kirkland Street in northern Holmes Region. Guillen’s spoiling remains were then emphatically distinguished and it was affirmed that the casualty was killed at some point around the July 4 occasion in 2020. In any case, his remaining parts were not recuperated for the rest of August.

The State introduced six observers to the stand at William Shane Parker’s Walk 2022 preliminary. The casualty’s little girl, Rosa Ambriz, was quick to affirm, trailed by the charged’s then-sweetheart Lauren Wambles, who let the court know that she saw Parker with the gun and Guillen tumble to the ground. She supposedly expressed:

“Raul was shooting off firecrackers, and Shane strolled up behind him and pointed the firearm at his head. I ran over alongside the truck, covered my ears, and shut my eyes since I could do without noisy commotions. They alarm me. At the point when I woke up, I saw Raul fall in reverse to the ground.”

In her declaration, Wambles asserted that them four, including Raul Guillen, were substance (meth) victimizers. As per her, Parker and Peters examined killing Guillen in light of the fact that they thought he was a danger to them. On July 4, 2020, Wambles said she heard Parker shoot the casualty toward the rear of the head, yet the gunfire neglected to kill him. Her then-sweetheart then, at that point, packed soil into Guillen’s nose and mouth.

Following a two-day preliminary, William Shane Parker was tracked down liable and condemned on Walk 22. As per the case’s lead examiner, who questioned Parker for quite a long time, he ultimately owned up to shooting Guillen and gave a realistic and far reaching story of the wrongdoing in his admission.

Parker, who was at first accused of second-degree murder with a gun and altering proof, was indicted generally speaking and condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole for the underlying charge. For the subsequent charge, he was allowed a five-year term to sequentially serve. He was moved to the Florida Division of Amendments, where he is right now carrying out his punishment.