Raymond Van Barneveld Has Two Daughters, Daisy And Patty Van Barneveld

Darts player Raymond Van’s little girls Daisy and Patty Van Barneveld are gotten comfortable an exquisite family. Daisy Van Barneveld is hitched with kids and Patty is locked in.

Raymond, age 55, nicknamed “Barney” or “The Man,” a Dutch expert darts player, is an honored granddad with two grandsons and a granddaughter from his wonderful girls.


Barneveld is viewed as quite possibly of the best player throughout the entire existence of dart. He is a five-time World Darts Champion, four-time BDO, and once PDC. Further, The Man was likewise delegated UK-Open Hero twice.

He started his profession by contending in occasions around his country starting around 1984. Van Barneveld was only 17 at that point. That very year he won his most memorable competition, Rotterdam Open. With the main success taken care of, he acquired certainty and continued to flourish for additional in sports and continued to ascend the stepping stools to progress.

Raymond Van Barneveld Two Girls Are Daisy and Patty Van Barneveld Dutch expert dart player Raymond Van Barneveld has two girls, Daisy and Patty, with his ex Sylvia Walraven, 52. The pair were attached to the bunch for quite a while until disturbance began in their relationship. The explanation was on the grounds that “Barney” invested the majority of the energy away from home during the competitions.

The pair supposedly wedded for around 25 years until they chose to head out in different directions. In 2018 summer, Sylvia was apparently ransacked at gunpoint, which made the mother of his children more unstable, as referenced by Everyday Star. Meanwhile, the Dutch player was playing in a rivalry.

Regardless of the circumstance in their relationship, they probably brought their children up in the most ideal manner giving them all help and satisfying their requirements.

Patty Van Barneveld Is The Senior Girl Of The Family, Born In 1992 Patty is the oldest girl of Barney and his ex Sylvia, born in 1992. At present dwelling in her old neighborhood, The Hague, she has previously begun her family with her long-term darling. Like her dad, she additionally has a virtual entertainment presence, where she has uncovered a few insights regarding herself. She straightforwardly uncovered her work insight and relationship on the site. Be that as it may, she has not referenced where she went for her schooling.

As seen on the site, Patty has been working at De Rakkers A-Z since April 2012. In any case, she appears to have found her first love in December 2008, Stephan Wiersma.

She imparts two children to him a child Bricklayer, born in 2015, and a little girl in 2017. Many accept Patty and Stephan are hitched, yet the pair has not shared any pictures of the service. By and by, the group looked awesome and brought up their two cute children together.

Likewise, when Bricklayer was to born, Raymond was contending to demonstrate he had made do and would guarantee the PDC big showdown. However, he didn’t win, sadly. Notwithstanding, he arrived at the Star Visit last in right around two years during the sixteenth Players Title.

Daisy Van Barneveld Is The Most youthful Youngster Of Raymond Daisy was born in 1994 to Raymond and his family as the most youthful youngster. Dissimilar to her sister, she has more web-based presence with a record on LinkedIn, where she has shared her schooling and experience. Daisy went to ROC Mondrian from 2014 to 2016 to concentrate on ICT Application Improvement. The year she graduated, she began to work and was employed as a Division director of records at Large Supermarket. She served the firm until April 2020. The next month she joined Coop Supermarket similarly situated. Be that as it may, following a year, she was assigned as a Shop colleague, yet in the wake of serving for a very long time, she left the work there and joined Drik van cave Broek as a division director. Daisy worked all day in each firm she stepped in.

Returning to her own life, she is likewise a mother to her child Roan James, with her long-term accomplice Angelo Vink. She continually transfers pictures of her kid and her pair on her Facebook. Some of the time she likewise shares presents related on her darling dad.

Alongside Roan, she wished her man his 29th birthday celebration on 5 May 2021. She had just labeled him there however not in that frame of mind of him. Going through Angelo’s FB profile, he has kept it hidden and last refreshed his profile picture on 19 November 2019. Raymond Van Barneveld Child Mike Van Barneveld Is The Initially Born With Ex Sylvia As referenced on the Dutch dart player Barneveld’s Wikipedia bio, he likewise has another youngster with his previous spouse, with whom he spent very nearly 25 years. The pair likewise had a child together.

Mike is the primary offspring of Raymond and his ex-mate Sylvia, born in 1989. Yet, similar to the two Barneveld sisters, there are no experiences over him. It appears Mike likes to stay away from media consideration. Moreover, he doesn’t appear to have an internet based presence all things considered. Likewise, Barney likes to keep his family profile private. Yet, he makes sure to their pictures on his checked Instagram, where he has over 145k adherents. Five-time World Darts Champions have posted more than 1300 reels and pictures on the site.

He shares the two his own and proficient life there. The player feels free to the recollections he made with his little girls and grandkids. In any case, his child Mike appears to have passed up each post.