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Raymond Van Barneveld is an expert darts player from the Netherlands. In spite of the fact that he was once known as The Man, he is currently known as Barney and is one of the best darts players ever.

Van Barneveld has won the World Darts Championship multiple times, the UK Open twice, and the Las Vegas Desert Classic, the Grand Slam of Darts, and the Premier League one. He has additionally won the World Masters and World Darts Trophy twice, just as the International Darts League and the WDF World Cup Singles competition multiple times.


Allow us to dive more deeply into Raymond Van Barneveld and investigate his scar on the head and hair relocate. Raymond Van Barneveld’s fans and devotees are looking for a clarification of the baffling scar on his head.

Personal information

Nickname “Barney”
Born 20 April 1967 (age 54)
The Hague, Netherlands
Home town The Hague, Netherlands

Darts information

Playing darts since 1984
Darts 25g Target RVB Prototype
Laterality Right-handed
Organisation (see split in darts)
BDO 1987–2006
PDC 2006–2019, 2021–
Current world ranking 68 – 6 (28 November 2021)

BDO majors – best performances

World Ch’ship Winner (4): 1998, 1999, 2003, 2005
World Masters Winner (2): 2001, 2005
World Darts Trophy Winner (2): 2003, 2004
Int. Darts League Winner (3): 2003, 2004, 2006
Finder Masters Winner (4): 1995, 2001, 2003, 2004

PDC premier events – best performances

World Ch’ship Winner (1): 2007
World Matchplay Runner-Up: 2010
World Grand Prix Runner-Up: 2008, 2009
Grand Slam Winner (1): 2012
Premier League Winner (1): 2014
Desert Classic Winner (1): 2007
European Ch’ship Semi-Final: 2011, 2014
UK Open Winner (2): 2006, 2007
US Open/WSoD Runner-Up: 2007
Players Ch’ship Finals Quarter-Final: 2009, 2013, 2016, 2019
Masters Runner-Up: 2015, 2018
Champions League Semi-Final: 2017

Other tournament wins

World Cup of Darts – (Team event) 2010, 2014, 2017, 2018
Belgium Open 1996, 1999
Brandstaff Masters 1999
British Open 1999
Canadian Open 1998
Denmark Open 1997
Dutch Open 2001, 2004, 2006
Finnish Open 1995, 2004
Holland National Ch’ships 2004
Masters of Darts 2007
Northern Ireland Open 2004
Norway Open 1997
Hong Kong Darts Masters 2015
Open Holland Masters 2008
Pacific Masters 2005
Spring Cup 1991, 1994, 1999, 2000, 2001
Swedish Open 1998, 2002, 2003
Swiss Open 2000
Untouchables 2010
WDF World Cup Singles 1997, 1999, 2003
WDF Europe Cup Singles 2004
World Team Championship – (Team event) 1997
WDF Europe Cup Pairs – (Team event) 2000, 2004
WDF World Cup Pairs – (Team event) 2005
World Darts Challenge – (Team event) 2007

European Tour Events

European Darts Open 2012

Players Championships

Players Championship (BOL) 2021
Players Championship (DER) 2011
Players Championship (GER) 2007
Players Championship (GIB) 2007
Players Championship (HAY) 2006
Players Championship (IRE) 2013
Players Championship (VEG) 2007
Players Championship (WAL) 2007

UK Open Regionals/Qualifiers

Regional Final (IRL) 2006, 2007
Regional Final (MID) 2006
Regional Final (NEE) 2007
Regional Final (SCO) 2006
UK Open Qualifier 2012 (x2)

Other achievements

1997, 1998 Haagse Sportprijs
1998 BDO Personality Award
1998, 1999 Haaglanden Sportprijs
1999 Major citizen of The Hague
1999 Named in the Order of Orange-Nassau
2002 Nine dart finish European Darts Ch’ships Mechelen
2003 Nine dart finish Swiss Open
2003 I.D.P.A. Leighton Rees Men’s Player of the Year Award
2004 Haagse Publieksprijs
2006 Nine dart finish Premier League of Darts
2006 Best Newcomer, PDC Awards
2006 Fans’ Player of the Year, PDC Awards
2007 Nine dart finish in the German Darts Championship
2008 Became PDC World number 1
2008 Best Floor Player, PDC Awards
2009 First ever nine dart finish in the PDC World Championship
2009 Nine dart finish, UK Open Regional (WM)
2010 Nine dart finish in the PDC World Championship
2010 Nine dart finish in the PDC Premier League Darts
2010 Nine dart finish in the PDC World Matchplay

Some are in any event, hypothesizing assuming the dart champion has gone through a hair relocate a medical procedure, and the theories have been upheld by different realities, for example, subsequent to being uncovered through a lot of his vocation, having developed some hair.

As indicated by Este-grande, he has not confessed to having gone through a hair relocate yet however the proof is ample. Notwithstanding, aside from Raymond having a hair relocate to clarify the scar on his head, there could be no other conceivable and achievable clarification for the transfer.

Raymond Van Barneveld was recently hitched to his significant other Sylvia yet they are finishing their separation at this point. In any case, he is dating his sweetheart Julia Evans, they formally began going back in April 2019 and have a fairly cheerful relationship right now.

Also Evans has educated Art Concerning the Floor that she sees a long and glad future with the Dutchman. She said I need to develop old with him. I don’t preclude marriage. as per The Sun.

The Dutchman’s relationship with Sylvia his previous spouse had supposedly been stressed by his time away from home at competitions, and in summer 2018, Sylvia was looted at gunpoint while he was contending.

Following the occurrence, Van Barneveld said: “My marriage is a big issue. It causes significant damage there. Particularly when you are burglarized in your own home.” as per the Sun.

Raymond Van Barneveld’s genuine age is 54 years of age, he was born in the year 1967. Essentially, he praises his birthday on April 20 consistently. He is showered with wishes and endowments by his loved ones on his birthday consistently.

As indicated by his genuine date of birth, Raymond has gained Taurus as his zodiac sign. Making expectations about his character dependent on his zodiac sign, individuals with Taurus as their zodiac sign will more often than not be patient and legitimate.