Raymond van Barneveld Wife Silvia Walraven Lost Her New Boyfriend Piet To Hemorrhage

Raymond van Barneveld and his better half, Silvia Walraven, are at this point not together. They moved with their new accomplices following their split.

Raymond and Silvia broke their 25 years of marriage after the dart player couldn’t set aside a few minutes for his significant other when she was to say the least. The mother of three got looted at her home while her better half was in Barnsley, South Yorks, playing a show competition.


Following their detachment, Barneveld and Walraven tracked down their first love. The competitor got drawn in to Julia Evans in Paris in February 2022, yet Walraven lost her accomplice Piet to a drain in 2020 preceding they could begin another life and family.

Raymond van Barneveld Spouse Silvia Walraven Continued On With Piet Raymond van Barneveld and his significant other, Silvia Walraven, separated from in Walk 2019.

Right around two years after the separation, his better half, Silvia began dating Piet on February 12, 2020. In any case, she lost her sweetheart to a cerebrum discharge on February 28, 2021. They had just commended their most memorable commemoration and never got to encounter a long period of affection.

After his passing, Silvia posted a profound objection on her Facebook wall.

“My pal, my perfect partner. Losing you to a mind discharge out of nowhere out of nowhere. How is this possible?! Why… Why… How I will miss you to such an extent! My heart is crying, I’m broken child! 12-02-20 is our date. I will always remember you!”

Piet would have turned 60 on the 25th of September 2022 had he been alive and sound. However, God had various designs for him, so he left at 58 years of age. Walraven is a resilient lady who has gone through a great deal yet decides to live cheerfully, never surrendering.

To celebrate their affection, Piet and Silvia had gotten matching tattoos of a rose on their thumb. On his 60th birthday celebration, she transferred a photograph of them clasping hands, with the subtitle, “Today you would have turned 60 🌹 host a big get-together up there.”

Likewise, Raymond has a 37-year-old fiancee named Julia Evans. They started dating in April 2019 and got taken part in February 2022 after the darts player proposed to his better half in Paris.

Raymond And His Ex Silvia Offers Three Kids Darts player Raymond van Barneveld and his ex Silvia van Barneveld nurtured three kids, a child and two little girls, Mike, Daisy, and Patty.

Raymond and Silvia invited their most memorable youngster Mike in 1989. Following three years, in 1992, they got favored with their subsequent youngster, their most memorable girl, Daisy; she turned 30 on the tenth of November, 2022.

They had their most youthful little girl Patty in 1994. The kin have been closest companions from the very beginning regardless have what is going on.

Albeit several has continued on with their new accomplices, they haven’t abandoned their youngsters regardless spend time with them, however independently. Both Barneveld and Walraven have posted pictures with their child and girls on their virtual entertainment handles, @raybar180 and @silviawalraven.

Raymond And Silvia Have Delightful Grandkids Raymond and Silvia’s kids have favored them with delightful grandkids, and the little ones invest quality energy with their grandparents.

Patty has two kids, Bricklayer and Nikki. Daisy has a child named Róan, and Mike has two children, Lotte and Noah. Their cherished mother has many posts of the little ones on her web-based entertainment.

Moreover, the darts player has likewise imparted his minutes to his grandchildren on his Instagram; they watched European Title football together in 2021 while supporting the Netherlands.

Silvia Walraven never misses wishing the children a blissful birthday through her Facebook. Per her posts, Nikki turned five on the fifteenth of November 2022, and Róan turned three on the twelfth of November 2022. Lotte turned two on the tenth of June, 2022, and Noah turned one on the 22nd of September, 2022.

Inside Raymond Van Barneveld And Silvia Walraven Wedded Life And Separation Raymond Van Barneveld and Silvia Walraven were hitched for a very long time prior to choosing to go on independent ways.

Their relationship went downhill as Barneveld invested the majority of his energy away from home at competitions.

Raymond’s significant other Walraven got ransacked at gunpoint in The Hague, Netherlands, in the mid year of 2018. Raymond was contending in Scotland then, at that point.

The occasion left her with a scar, and she had fits of anxiety and restless evenings. Silvia even got terrified to where she was scared to reside alone in the house, so she needed to reside independently in a loft. Her psychological scar and suspicion put a burden on their relationship.