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Raymond Weber live-transferred video of himself holding a firearm and two young ladies lying on the floor still. Raymond Weber is blamed for a twofold manslaughter occurrence of Rocky Hill Apartments which is a military lodging complex in Vacaville.

Raymond is distinguished as a 29-year-old male from Sacramento. Raymond Weber’s manslaughters casualties are recognized as two females old enough 26 and 15. The female of 26 is a mother of a 4-year-old kid and is distinguished by her family as Savannah Theberge and the casualty old enough 15 is recognized as an understudy of Elk Grove. Her personality has been kept undisclosed according to the family’s solicitation.

Raymond Weber is a 29-year-old male from Sacramento. Name Raymond Weber is moving across the web and news channels after his episode of manslaughter.

Name Raymond Weber
Age 29
Gender Male
Nationality American

Raymond Weber has a few past appearances in court and charges too. Truth be told, this is Raymond’s fifth wrongdoing. As per Kcra.com Raymond was accused of a lawful offense, breaking preclusions, and ownership of an illicit content since 2006.

Raymond is at present being held in Solano County Jail and he is dealing with indictments as two five star murder, home attack. Court has given no bail for the blamed and legal advisors are planning for his preliminary.

At 1 AM of Saturday, police got a report of Weber’s live stream and police responded promptly with SWAT. Raymond Weber was streaming his wrongdoing live via online media and was seen holding a weapon with two unmoving female bodies lying on the floor.

At the point when police showed up at the scene, they had an arranging group with them.

The exchange group neglected to make any sort of give up arrangements and police needed to clear close by units and utilize different compound and dangerous gadgets to take Raymond Weber leveled out after almost eight hours of deadlock and arranging as per Sacramento CBS nearby.

After the capture, Raymond Weber is accused of two top of the line kills alongside homegrown attack. He has likewise been accused of different charges.