Reactions As Bobrisky Is Seen Begging Money Online After Birthday Flop

Bobrisky, a self-portrayed immense young lady and drag queen from Nigeria, gives off an impression of being having monetary challenges as he asks in style on the web.

The questionable drag queen went to his Snapchat record to argue for cash after his messed up birthday celebration made him lose face via online entertainment.

Bobrisky scrutinized his alleged sweethearts.

He asked regarding whether he should give individuals who had made birthday present commitments his record data.

“Those of you yelling you love me where is my birthday present? Would it be advisable for me I glue account subtleties”.

Nigerians took to the remark area to ridicule him.

Recall how Bobrisky was ridiculed for the disappointment of his birthday celebration?

On August 31st, the drag queen commended his 31st birthday by setting up an ocean side party for his companions, family, and collaborators.

On Friday, September 2, the drag queen facilitated an ocean side house gathering to mark his approaching old enough.

Sadly, nobody appeared for the party, hence it was a disappointment.

Various famous people were supposed to show up, however they kept away from the drag queen.

Following the declaration, the drag queen was generally derided on the web.

Review that when Bobrisky’s beautician uncovered his untold lies about the 2 million naira trick, the web emitted in shock.

After his beautician misled him out of 2,000,000 naira, Bobrisky took to the web to beg Nigerians not to accept others indiscriminately.

For his birthday, Bobrisky portrayed the horrendous occurrence he had with an indicated beautician, saying he had previously paid 2,000,000 naira of the 3.7 million naira all out settled upon.

Bobrisky proceeded to say that he began to get concerned when the beautician quit giving him reports on his dress and just called to request the equilibrium.

He furnished screen captures of his interchanges with the beautician to back up his cases that the beautician had escaped with his 2,000,000 naira to another country.

The web-based show prompted Bobrisky’s beautician recounting his side of the story and uncovering that he had returned the drag queen’s development cash.

As per their visits, Bobrisky would not cover his beautician when she requested that 3 million naira pay for the picture taker.

Following this occasion, web clients censured Bobrisky’s supposedly tricky way of life in the remark region.