‘RHODubai’ Sneak Peek: Caroline Stanbury Orders Chanel Ayan to ‘Shut Up’ Mid-Conversation

It’s a young women’s getaway ended up being terrible on the accompanying episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, and ET has your particular first look!

The entire cast – – Caroline Stanbury, Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Sara al Madani, Lesa Milan and Nina Ali – – collects for a late-night talk while on their get-together vacay. The catch gets in the movement, with a clearly plastered Caroline tending to whether Ayan’s reliably kept up with her own business, to which Ayan whines.


“I may be entertaining, silly, jokes and stuff, yet I have my own business,” she fires back at her co-star. “I’m very seller [sic]. I can sell you, your shoes, to the whole planet.”

“I’m like a bug,” she adds. “I’m everywhere. I do an extraordinary arrangement. I just don’t, ‘Blah, blah, blah… ‘”

“Stanbury didn’t express anything misguided to Ayan, so where is all of this coming from?” Sara considers in an admission corner. “I think Ayan was set off, but what set off it? Like, how could this be even valuable right now?”


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Ayan quickly figures out the trigger point back at the table, telling Caroline that “this is the ensuing time you’ve asked me what I do.”

“I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on [it] to you,” she says. As fans know, Ayan fills in as a model, runs an exhibiting association and is shipping off a beauty care products line.

“I do an extraordinary arrangement, young woman,” she continues to go through toward Caroline. “I do an extraordinary arrangement. I manage my mom, I manage my friends and family. I’ve tried to buy my mom a house, I’ve bought my own homes. I’m very clever.”

“I’m very clamoring clever,” she adds, leaving an interference adequately extended for Caroline to inquire, “Chanel, you want to calm down.”

This pair’s relationship has recently weakened all through the season, having started on unpleasant ground before cameras started rolling. As Ayan cleared up for ET when she plunked down for a mid-season enrollment last month, she doesn’t feel like Caroline anytime permitted her an open door.


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“She’s ceaselessly looking for an issue towards me, with a mate,” she imparted. “Expecting she got to know me, she would grasp that I’m just f**king great.”

“By the day’s end, look at this amazing one is my closest friend,” she added, motioning toward Lesa, who joined her for the discussion. “In case I can exist together with her, who looks like a provocative money supervisor, a good mother, why mightn’t I anytime coincide with her? She essentially has issues that she needs to focus in on herself, maybe take some treatment like me and water a couple of plants to assist her, better with believing it, since she’s so fake.”

Ayan shared that she could need to “spread out a relationship ultimately or some likeness thereof” with Caroline, yet watchers ought to check whether that happens. ET chatted with Ayan and Lesa not long preceding recording the season 1 social affair, and it seemed they were going in guns blasting toward the past Ladies of London star.

“I feel like she needs the show more than some other individual and she would do anything for a dab of openness,” Lesa quipped. “Definitely the thirstiest [on the cast].”

“Absolutely agree,” Ayan said. “She is the thirstiest! She truly needs it more than us.”

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.