‘RHOP’ ‘s Robyn Dixon Says She Wouldn’t Have Gotten Back Together with Juan If They Weren’t Broke

There have been a ton of lost relationships throughout the long term inside Bravo’s Genuine Housewives establishments, yet one who returned more grounded than other was Potomac’s Robyn Dixon, who credits the show and being bankrupt for saving her union with ex and current life partner Juan Dixon.

“I will tell the truth, on the off chance that Juan and I were not destitute and truly in the event that we weren’t on the show, we likely wouldn’t be together today,” the 43-year-old housewife told Individuals at BravoCon 2022 over the course of the end of the week.  “I say that on the grounds that approaching together when you’re monetarily battling and supporting each other for your children, it was all the more so we needed each other to arrive at a superior spot since we have youngsters.”


The Dixons have had their reasonable portion of high points and low points in their relationship and monetary circumstance because of Juan’s work solidness throughout the long term.

Hitched from 2005 to 2012, the couple split yet stayed under similar rooftop with their two adolescent children: Corey, 14, and Carter, 12.

Be that as it may, in 2019, the previous star b-ball player proposed to the Sensibly Obscure web recording co-have once more.

The two have in any event, getting a marriage permit in Howard Province Representative’s Office in Maryland that lapses in February 2023, meaning a wedding could possibly be not too far off.

“In the event that we had separated and been in an extraordinary spot monetarily, he would have been off, I don’t have the foggiest idea, [in] California, carrying on with his life,” Robyn says.

“I’d be off in New York carrying on with my life. We could not have possibly been compelled to meet up to attempt to make things work.”

Robyn concedes having the low minutes as a team recorded so freely assisted them with setting their lives up. “Having going through those monetary battles and living respectively and supporting one another and observing each other improve and develop and lay out vocations, that really united us back,” Robyn adds.

“Then, at that point, being on the show, particularly almost immediately, we confronted such a lot of analysis and scrutinize and it was simply such a great amount outside commotion, pessimism.

There’s kin not understanding what our identity is and why we do what we do that it made us sort of bond together significantly more.

We understood that we needed to have each other’s back considerably more, so it’s sort of interesting how things have advanced throughout everyday life, except it’s truly sort of what I accept.”

Since the family has seven time’s of the Bravo show added to their repertoire, Robyn’s grateful for their additional opportunity. “It’s wonderful that we can go through something so troublesome,” she shares. “Having monetary battles is very troublesome, particularly when you come from carrying on with a NBA player way of life and you basically bite the dust. That is extremely lowering.”

“It’s truly challenging, however it additionally makes you more grounded. It makes you take a gander at your viewpoint on life night and day different. It causes you to see the value in individuals diversely and it likewise helps you when you see them develop and you see individuals emerge from the cinders from something to that effect, it simply gives you a superior appreciation for them.”

The Genuine Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.