Riccardo Patrese In Net Worth 2022 And Career Earnings

Riccardo has an expected total assets of $1.5 million starting around 2022. He is an Italian previous hustling driver born on April 17, 1954.

Riccardo generally made his profit through his races in Recipe One and got numerous sponsorships and brand supports.


Patrese was born to his folks Elena Zorati and in Padua, Veneto. He has a brother named Alberto Patrese. At the early age of 9, Riccardo began driving Karts.

Riccardo gathered eight wins and turned into the sprinter up at the World Sportscar Title for the Lancia processing plant group in 1982.

At 37, Patrese turned into the third in the 1991 Equation One Big showdown. Following the success, he became sprinter up in 1992 and third in 1989.

During the finish of the 2021 season, Riccardo was named the 10th most experienced F1 driver ever.

According to the reports in 2022, Riccardo has a total assets worth of $1.5 million.

A large portion of Riccardo’s profit come from his past matches. In the wake of resigning from his hustling vocation, Riccardo hasn’t exactly done races expertly as he is progressing in years.

Notwithstanding, Ricardo actually gets talked with for his long and remarkable vocation in hustling. He perhaps procures from those meetings and shows as well.

Ricardo’s child Lorenzo Patrese is additionally an expert driver and a pony rider and has gotten many brand supports from renowned organizations like Kappa, Kepitalia, K-way, and Protalga.

After the retirement of his father, Lorenzo has been strolling in his father’s strides. It is expected that Patrese’s child Lorenzo has turned into the bread worker of the family.

Riccardo’s current spouse, Francesca Accordi, is the prime supporter of the organization named Flerworld. Flerworld is a taking care of oneself body brand that produces shaving items.

As the prime supporter of the organization, his better half Francesca likewise appears to bring in a lot of cash.

The previous Recipe one racer actually lives in his origination Pauda, Italy. Pauda is notable as one of the renowned memorable towns in Northern Italy.

With the 68-year-old previous racer actually being extremely fit and dynamic, he is currently more into his side interests, such as skiing, tennis, golf, and pony riding.

Despite the fact that Riccardo carries on with an agreeable way of life, he isn’t exactly enamored with going to big family meals, enormous gatherings, and visiting swarmed occasion places.

Riccardo likewise goes to little parties with his lifelong companions. He carves out joy in enjoying opportunity with his main friends and family.

In any case, Riccardo appears to carry on with a wonderful way of life with his family, frequently seen voyaging places with them and going to celebrity matches.