Riley Fox Parents: Father Kevin And Mother Melissa Fox Hodgen

The guardians of Riley Fox stand out enough to be noticed of people in general. Riley Fox, a 3-year-old from Wilmington, Illinois, died on June 6, 2004.

Parolee Scott Eby admitted to the wrongdoing and was found liable after Riley’s dad was first denounced and afterward cleared because of DNA proof.

The request had nearly arrived at a dead stop until Warren and her group gave it new life. She said that the not entirely settled to find Riley’s killer and had been anxious to investigate the case for quite a while.

In a unique appearance with “20/20,” Warren said, “It is unthinkable not to need equity for this kid.” I saw this young child who was so brilliant and exquisite.

Riley was found dead in a stream near her Wilmington, Illinois, home on June 6, 2004. She had been physically attacked, bound, and choked. The young person had suffocated and died, it was in still up in the air.

Riley Fox’s folks are Melissa Fox Hodgen and Kevin Fox
Riley Fox was raised by her mom, Melissa Fox Hodgen, and her dad, Kevin Fox. On June 6, 2004, Riley’s snatching night, Kevin Fox, Riley’s dad, had taken his children from their grandma’s home at roughly one AM.

The dad of the young lady, Kevin Fox, was first charged subsequent to making a forced admission. He burned through eight months in the slammer until his delivery based on DNA proof that recommended someone else was the genuine guilty party.

The youngsters’ beds needed clean sheets and covers, so he put Riley on the couch and Tyler, Riley’s senior brother, on the front room seat.

He sat in front of the television in his room prior to going to sleep at 2:30. The following morning, Tyler awakened him and let him know Riley was no more. Subsequent to making an inquiry or two and investigating, he reached 911.

Soon thereafter, Riley was found dead in Wilmington’s recreational area, the Forsythe Woods Region Woodland Safeguard. Prior to being found face down in a stream, she had gotten through sexual maltreatment, been tied, and been choked.

Kevin Fox, Riley’s dad, died
Kevin Fox, a previous Wilmington occupant who was dishonestly captured by the Will Province Sheriff’s Specialization in 2004 for the killing of his girl Riley, then 3 years of age, died on Monday in a head-on accident in Arkansas. Fox stood 46 years old.

Fox’s unfair conviction legal counselor Kathleen Zellner sent a letter to the proofreader of the Joliet Fix on Tuesday, calling Kevin one of her most courageous clients of all time.

To his kids, he will continuously be recognized as the best dad an individual might have been. Tragically he died quite early on.

Zellner likewise shared the awful news through her Twitter account. She let Fix know that Fox was living in Arkansas with his new spouse and their two young ladies, who were one and two years of age.

As per a news source from Arkansas, the Arkansas State Police were brought to a head-on occurrence on Walk 21, 2023, at around 4 p.m., in which the two drivers died.

The Passage Center had a place with a 47-year-elderly person from Arkansas, and Fox’s GMC Sierra was voyaging north on Public Roadway 7.

As the Portage Center got into Fox’s path, it crashed into his GMC Sierra. The two mishap casualties were local people of Centerville, Arkansas. Kevin Fox was first accused in June 2004 of his little girl’s homicide.

During addressing by Will Province police, Fox confessed to the wrongdoing; notwithstanding, he was in this manner excused by DNA proof, as legal counselor Zellner mentioned that “uncertain” spit tests be inspected in a confidential lab.

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