R’Kayla Briggs Missing: What happened to the 11 year old? Everything we know so far

On Tuesday night in Georgia, a 11-year-old young lady R’Kayla Briggs went out without her family’s information, pressing her knapsack and going out the secondary passage. How about we find out what has been going on with the missing 11-year-old R’Kayla Briggs exhaustively.

R’Kayla Briggs Missing As per the Clayton Province Police Division, R’Kayla Briggs, who has been absent since she gone out on Tuesday, is as yet incredible starting around Thursday evening. As per agents, she got out the secondary passage of her Mallard Drive home at around 3:40 p.m. with a gathered sack. The name and age of the man she might be with are obscure, as per the specialists. They don’t give off an impression of being going to Texas as they were before derived from the information.


The 11-year-old young lady who vanished with a grown-up man, as per the Clayton Area Police Division, may in any case be in Georgia.

The police office composed on their Facebook page on Thursday evening,

R’Kayla Briggs’ folks educated Tom Jones regarding Channel 2 on Wednesday that they think their little girl is with a 22-year-old male.

R’Kayla Briggs’ Folks proclamation R’Kayla escaped the house on Monday, as indicated by her folks, and they dread for her security. R’Kayla Briggs deactivated her online entertainment records, and she isn’t bringing calls back. Help the Examination Call the Clayton District Police Division at 770-477-3550 or dial 911 assuming that you know where Briggs may be.

Kid Prepping The instance of R’Kayla Brigg’s vanishing might act as a wake up call of how weak children are to the act of preparing. One of the manners in which hunters groom small kids is by giving a need in the young, as per the Murkiness to Light site, D2L, an association devoted to finishing kid sexual maltreatment.

Stunts utilized by culprits incorporate conveying gifts, honeyed words, giving cash, and accommodating different necessities. The utilization of additional affection and warmth for the designated young person may likewise be viewed as a strategy.

Prepping a kid might show up on a superficial level to be a tight connection between the blameworthy grown-up, the designated young person, and (maybe) the kid’s guardians.

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