Robert Downey Jr. Is Unrecognizable as He Transforms into Balding Redhead for HBO’s ‘The Sympathizer’

Robert Downey Jr. seems, by all accounts, to be going all out for his new HBO series, The Supporter.

The entertainer, 57, looked totally unrecognizable as he was snapped on the show’s Los Angeles set. While brandishing retreating, wavy red hair and dyed eyebrows, he wore the natural elderly person clothing of a burgundy coat and pink shirt with a white Shirt looking out. He likewise had on naval force jeans and earthy colored shoes.

The verifiable show thrill ride follows a half-French, half-Vietnamese man (Hoa Xuande) who was a government operative for Socialist powers during the Vietnam War.

Sandra Goodness additionally shows up in the series, which depends on writer Viet Thanh Nguyen’s 2015 book of a similar name.

As indicated by The Hollywood Journalist, Downey Jr. will assume different supporting parts.

Getting into character was a family undertaking for the dad of three, who shares child Indio, 29, with ex Deborah Falconer as well as youngsters Exton, 10, and Avri, 8, with spouse Susan Downey.

In October, Downey Jr. gave his two more youthful children a unique job in assisting him with getting ready for the part by having them shave his head.

He even archived it for online entertainment. “I apologize for hindering yet I want your assistance,” the star starts the video, going into a room where his children are cutting pumpkins.

“You realize how I’m beginning this task soon?” “Definitely, The Supporter?” expresses Avri as Exton adds, “No doubt, you’re assuming like five parts or something to that effect.”

“Right. Well at any rate, I would rather not wear a bare cap, so will you all shave my head?” he asks his kids, who look into in disarray.

“Is that even proper?” Avri says with a sneer before she and her brother get rolling on their father’s hair style.

After completely shaving Downey Jr’s. head, the entertainer flaunts his new look and says, “Incredible work folks. I’ll allow you to return to your pumpkin cutting however what do I owe ya?”

The two children then, at that point, murmur to each other to settle on their favored type of installment.

“Keep your cash, Avri has a superior thought,” expresses Exton as Avri tells her father, “I really want assistance with a Halloween project.”

Avri then, at that point, changes her father’s bare head into a pumpkin, involving the rear of his head as a surface to paint on.

She even incorporated a pumpkin stem on top of her father’s head to finish the look, and gave the pumpkin a grinning cut face.

Inscribing the post, the Iron Man star expressed: “The things we accomplish for our work … and our children. #Sympathizer set prepared.”