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Recently, a video was at first posted on James Mizuki’s YouTube channel. In the video, two Asian-American men were stood up to subsequent to cooking and getting ready lobsters for their Youtube video.

Quick forward, the lady in the video blew up and tossed their lobster rolls to the ground. According to many sources, Lobster Karen has been recognized as a lady named Anna Haiti.

Be that as it may, this has not been affirmed at this point by a dependable media office. Further examination will uncover more with regards to her, yet we should stand by some additional time up to that point.

At first, she was alluded to as “Karen.” A “Karen” is a shoptalk term for a moderately aged white lady who is irate, upsetting, entitled, and much of the time bigot.

Wikipedia has characterized “Karen” as “the term is an image portraying white ladies who utilize their advantage to request their direction.” While the two Youtubers were setting up their lobster roll in a parking area, an old white lady moved toward them.

From the beginning, they offered her some lobster rolls. Nonetheless, she denied it and let them know that she was a vegetarian. After a second, Karen in the video requested that they leave the spot. She said, “This is private property. You can’t do this here.”

James Mizuki and Jacob Arevalo, 28 years of age, consented to leave the spot immediately. They began pressing their cooking things, utensils, yet the more seasoned lady kept on pestering them.

The lady said, “I want to see you leave. I need you to get together and get the hell out of here. ” In any case, the two men were well disposed. The camera then, at that point, slices to show that the two men were on a totally open street. They were stopped legitimately in the visitor stopping segment. James and Jacob were wrapping up making their lobster rolls.

“You have a ton of nerve doing this here,” the lady said. They again began pressing their gear quickly when the lady went wild. The two men inquired as to whether she claimed the property, and she reacted that she possessed a piece of it. Then, at that point, the lady took out the men’s lobster rolls and tossed them on the asphalt.

The genuine name of the lady in the video has not been revealed. Many individuals allude to the lady as ‘Karen.’ In any case, this isn’t her original name given to her by her folks. We have discussed the shoptalk ‘Karen’ prior in the article.

Also, her age may be in the scope of 6070, which means she is an elderly person. Her definite age subtleties are obscure. We will refresh this part of the article once we know about her genuine age.