Ronald March Murder: Where is Lance Standberg Now?


In August of 2012, Ronald March turned into killed as a result of a horrific attack that passed off in an alley in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. However, because each individuals had a history of enmity closer to one another, the authorities had been capable of easily find the individual guilty.

The documentary titled “Fear Thy Neighbor: Hell-Bent,” which can be located on Investigation Discovery, focuses on the chain of terrible occasions that led up to Ronald’s death as well as the assault itself. In that case, why don’t we examine greater approximately what transpired returned then, have to we?

How Did Ronald March Die? It changed into stated that Ronald William March became a voracious reader and that he turned into an intellectual man. The Vancouver resident was recalled through those who cared for him as being smooth and compassionate, and always going out of his way to help others once they were in need.

The fifty seven-12 months-old victim had these days moved right into a senior complicated in Burnaby whilst the incident happened there. On the show, it become discussed how on the time, Ronald become being handled with medicinal drug for lupus, that’s an autoimmune circumstance.

In the overdue afternoon or early evening of August 8, 2012, a neighbor within the 3400 block of Renfrew Street heard Ronald’s screams and located him lying at the floor behind the constructing in a pool of blood. Ronald became covered in blood. The neighbor dialed 911 right now, but by the point emergency personnel arrived at the scene, it become already too overdue. Ronald had obtained twelve stab wounds, and his jugular artery have been severed while his throat had been slashed. It become decided that he had surpassed away on the website online.

Who Killed Ronald March? After doing their research, the government determined out that Ronald March had previously been in trouble with the regulation due to his involvement in a dispute regarding any other man or woman named Lance Standberg.

On the day that Ronald turned into murdered, he had simply moved into the lodging for seniors in the complicated. However, previous to that, he have been residing in a different government-funded flat. There, Ronald lived round the corner to Loray Rayne, who had been a neighbor of Lance up until that point.

According to what became shown on the display, Loray had a number of fitness issues and depended on Lance for assistance. People made assumptions approximately the character of their connection despite the truth that he took care of her. On the opposite hand, because Lance worked as a seasonal oil employee, he was frequently absent from his family for numerous days at a time.

The display states that Loray sooner or later have become depending on Ronald, who would assist her in transferring things and pressure her to the shop to buy groceries. However, as time went on, Ronald’s fitness issues made that increasingly more tough for him to do.

In one incident, Ronald was using Loray when she lit up a cigarette whilst they have been within the vehicle collectively. According to the episode, Ronald asked her to put it off, however she would not, so he was compelled to shove her out of the automobile while she did now not comply.

After that, Loray accused Ronald of thrashing her, and he or she had him imprisoned for the crime earlier than she modified her thoughts and dropped the allegations against him. After that, she shared the statistics with Lance, and as a result, he attacked Ronald. The hatred for one another persevered, with Lance launching any other attack towards Ronald. According to the content of the printed, Lance struck Ronald with a metal pipe.

Ronald had filed a file with the authorities about the incident, but the authorities were not able to discover Lance because he had fled each instances. In the give up, Ronald made the selection to relocate out of that flat, and on August eight, 2012, he successfully finished the flow.

After in addition investigation, it turned into observed out that Lance, who turned into forty seven at the time, had filmed the occasion and turned into suspected of tailing the truck. However, he later disputed it.

The authorities have been underneath the impact that Lance were watching for Ronald earlier than committing the murder of Ronald. After a quick pursuit with the aid of regulation enforcement on August 9, he became taken into custody within the wee hours of the morning.

Where is Lance Standberg Today? After his arrest, Lance Standberg asserted that he was innocent of the homicide and had nothing to do with it. When asked why he become recording Ronald’s flow, he stated that he felt Ronald had taken some thing from his storage without his permission.

On the other hand, the police discovered blood belonging to Ronald inner Lance’s automobile. In spite of the reality that the decision in his first trial for some reason changed into by no means reached, he become discovered responsible of homicide within the first degree in the trial that occurred in November 2014.

Lance changed into given a sentence of lifestyles in prison, despite the fact that he has the potential to be launched after serving 25 years. According to the statistics that we’ve, he is currently spending his time at a jail located within the province of British Columbia.