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Ruben Flores is a 80-year-elderly person, broadly known as the dad of Paul Flore. Paul Flores is the great suspect in Kristin Smart’s vanishing case. The Arroyo Grande home of Ruben Flores was looked on March 15, 2021, for the remaining parts of Kristin Smart.

The house was bought by the Flores family in 1990. Ruben lived in this house with his significant other, Susan, and their youngsters, Ermelinda and Paul. Paul Flores lived in Arroyo Grande home from 1992 to late 1996. He remained there at the hour of Kristin Smart’s vanishing.

Paul was the last individual to be seen with Kristin before her vanishing from the California Polytech Campus. SLO Sheriff’s investigators found news cut-outs about the vanishing of Kristin Smart, under Paul’s sleeping pad and in Ruben’s room dresser. In 1996, the canines alarmed for the aroma of human decay in Paul’s apartment.

Legal groups were not selected for additional burrowing around then. Ruben’s significant other Susan Flores talked only with KSBY News columnist Megan Healy on March 16, 2021, after the agents wrapped up their inquiry.

Ruben and Susan have been living in isolated homes for a long time now. On being gotten some information about the occasion and the claims on her child, Susan said that there were in excess of 60 individuals at the gathering, the prior night Kristin disappeared. She trusts it was ridiculous to target just her child as a superb suspect.

She further added that her family has no obligation regarding her vanishing of the young lady. Following 25 years of the Disappearance of Kristin Smart, the superb suspect of the case Paul Flores is at long last captured.

Paul is captured on the charges of homicide while his dad, Ruben is captured as an extra on $25,000 bail. Kristin Smart vanished on May 25, 1996, at 19 years old. She dropped subsequent to going to a companion’s birthday celebration and 3 companions assisted her stroll with sponsorship her dormitory.

Paul was the last individual seen with her. On being examined in 1996, Paul said he let her stroll to her dormitory without anyone else.The  case re-opened in 2016 after San Luis Obispo County Sheriff tracked down another lead for the situation.