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Ruska Jakic is a notable Belgrade “woman of sty;e”, when the host of the faction show “Love and Fashion”.

She is additionally known for her unrivaled fearlessness and advancing the requirement for an individual to adore and regard himself so he could anticipate something very similar from others.

She is one of those individuals who couldn’t have cared less with regards to others’ viewpoints and carried on with their life unreservedly.

Ruska’s Wikipedia biografija feature will doubtlessly be her feeling of style and every one of her encounters.

Ruska is a Serbian Journalist who is known for facilitating Love And Fashion. She acquired a great deal of consideration from people in general through the show.

Jakic used to be a famous Belgrade “It young lady”, who was not afraid to act like a model in provocative photographs, who liked herself and accomplished all that she needed throughout everyday life.

She was likewise prepared to break restrictions and biases, and that is the reason both the people who love and the individuals who don’t cherish her regard her similarly.

In addition, she got hitched multiple times and separated from multiple times, and she generally says that she is prepared for new love and meeting her other half.

Notable columnist, Riska says that her godiste or age is obscure and that she never answers such inquiries.

As indicated by certain claims, she was from Belgarde was born in 1938, however she never freely declared the extended time of her introduction to the world.

She accepts that she is as yet forty thus it looks. Today, Ruska is near her eighties, despite the fact that her definite years are still just hypotheses.

As indicated by her, she believes that she is Joan Collins and that her years just make her significantly more charming and honor her in each sense.

Ruska’s Mlada photographs are the reason she became well known and gotten the public attention despite the fact that she was a writer.

She knew about her students and the magnetism of her intense side. Notwithstanding, a large portion of her photographs stayed in the shadow of her different undertakings.

She was quick to record her plastic medical procedure and show it openly in her show, a columnist who did a meeting with herself and a moderator who gave herself a birthday present.

She is likewise very notable for her talks and articulations in her show. She generally liked herself and got all that she needed throughout everyday life. Twitter account.