Russian Cosmonaut Runs Over Colleague on Earth Weeks After Returning From Space

Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev ran over a partner on Monday night while driving beyond Moscow, Russian space office Roscosmos said.

As per the Related Press, Artemyev, who as of late burned through 195 days in space, coincidentally hit a walker while going down a faintly lit region.

The mishap happened under three weeks after Artemyev got back to Earth, the power source added, refering to a deciphered assertion from Roscosmos.

Artemyev gave medical aid to the person in question, Anatoly Uronov, who was subsequently moved to an emergency clinic to treat a few breaks.

The 63-year-old was going across the street when the episode happened. Writer Anatoly Zak portrayed Uronov as a “project director” of Star City, a cosmonaut preparing focus.

In their proclamation, Roscosmos said Artemyev was not affected by liquor and immediately called crisis administrations after the mishap.

Research has shown that individuals who invest energy in space need time away from driving on the grounds that their capacity to work a vehicle is decreased, noted.

In 2013, flight specialist Raffi Kuyumjian said that somebody who has been to space for a drawn out timeframe would require around three weeks off from driving.

At the hour of Artemyev’s mishap, 19 days had passed from his re-visitation of Earth, however there’s no sign whether his new time in space was a calculate the episode.

Per, Artemyev has spent a sum of 560 days in space north of three missions in 2014, 2018, and 2022.

He recently worked for the Soviet Armed force and rocket producer RSC Energia.

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