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Saadiq Teague is fronting accuses after spotted of AK-47 rifles at time square metro. Moreover, as per police, Saadiq Teague has a weapon license for it in Ohio, yet he didn’t think about transparently conveying self loading rifles in New York City was illicit.

Besides, Saadiq Teague was taken into police care for any episode. That, however police discovered maryjane gear and a bong veil from Saadiq Teague. Saadiq Teague is an Ohio-based typical resident of the United States of America. That, yet he is the child of Andrew Teague.

Police discovered cannabis from Saadiq, for that he is confronting drug stuff charges. Moreover, he is confronting numerous different charges including criminal ownership of a stacked weapon and conveying rifles with ammunition cuts.

Name Saadiq Teague
Age 18 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Parents Andrew Teague

Saadiq Teague is the child of Andrew Teague. One month prior, his dad Andrew Teague was killed lethally in the shootout with police in Ohio, U.S. Police officers were at first attempting to capture Saadiq Teague’s dad Andrew for an attack warrant.

Besides, Andrew drove away from the police, accordingly, he was shot by police. Saadiq Teague is 18 years of age yet, he was born in 2003, as per a source.

Besides, there isn’t a lot of data about his precise date of birth. Saadiq Teague isn’t included on Wikipedia. Besides, Saadiq Teague is confronting aggressive behavior at home and medication dealing.