Sabinus Reacts To Claims That He Snubbed His Lookalike During An Event

The Nigerian jokester Oga Sabinus has exposed the bits of gossip asserting that he scorned his carbon copy in their new gathering during an occasion.

Sabinus met His Clone Mr Cultivator during an occasion in Owerri.

The fresh insight about their gathering initially broke into the media after Mr. Cultivator posted a video of him and Sabinus on his TikTok page.

Notwithstanding, a few online entertainment clients guaranteed Sabinus didn’t recognize his carbon copy.

A few clients even approached Mr. Cultivator to fail to remember Sabinus and act naturally.

Responding to these cases, Sabinus took to his Facebook page to share a video of him and his clone living it up. He guaranteed individuals are simply attempting to indulge his name.

Sabinus posted a video with the subtitle: “This is the way they ruin somebody’s name I didn’t actually realize that he was at my back since I was called to snap a photo with coordinators of the occasion pls watch this video and let me know the pride abi the self-importance you individuals are discussing!!”

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