Salma Hayek Celebrates Daughter’s 15th Birthday By Sharing Throwback Photo Blake Lively Took

Salma Hayek’s daughter is growing up! The 56-year-old performer noticed Valentina Pinault’s fifteenth birthday festivity on Wednesday with two or three sweet return photos – – one of which was snapped by, indeed, Blake Vivacious.

“Bright 15 years to my sweetheart,” Hayek created, in Spanish, on Instagram. “Valentina, you are my start and end, thank you for enlightening our lives with the strength of your sublime soul. It is a distinction to be your Mom. I love you with all that is in me.”

In the chief photo of her carousel, an energetic Valentina is shown with enchanting bedhead, laying tranquilly on a story. In the second, she shows up blissfully holding a cupcake with a rainbow painted across her sanctuary at one of her childhood birthday festivities. A yellow smiley-face cake is on the table before her with a sign scrutinizing, “Merry Birthday Valentina.”

“I expected that ensuing photo,” Energetic rambled in the remarks, adding bright tears emojis and a heart. “My kid!!”

The performers prominently highlighted together in 2012’s Savages when Valentina was four years old.

Hayek moreover shared two brief accounts inside her carousel post, which were taken on a stuffed dance floor during what could have been a quinceañera bang for the youth.

Hayek and French monetary expert François-Henri Pinault welcomed their daughter in 2007. The couple continued to wed in Paris on Valentine’s Day in 2009.

As of late, the mother-young lady group graced the May front of Vogue Mexico, in photos in which they looked more comparable than some other time. The pair were styled in a large number of outfits, recalling similar striped shirts for one, and matching Tracker deluge boots in another.
Valentina and Hayek moreover demonstrated for a couple of free shots. One picture posted by Vogue had a going with explanation from Valentina about encountering youth in the time of virtual diversion.

“I figure my age or my buddies wouldn’t fret a ton of the quantity of inclinations you that have, yet rather have a remark,” she said. “We don’t put everything of our lives; For my circumstance, I really want to put things on my [social] networks about who I should be, but the huge thing is in like manner out there. What we are alluding to now are issues that everyone hopes to address another way: it will in general be the environment, the meaning of sexuality, race or wonderfulness rules.”

Valentina moreover went with her mom to the presentation of Eternals in October 2021 where she tended to ET about Hayek playing a godlike. Commending her mom, Valentina said, “She’s cool, she’s cool.”