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Sean McInerney is an entertainer and surfer old enough around 40 years of age. As of late seven days prior, a shark chomps his hand on the arrangement of the Jackass’ Shark Week exceptional.

Sean McInerney, otherwise called Poopies, is an entertainer, a surfer, and a Youtuber. He is notable for the series, Who is J.O.B? At present, we can see him getting going on the impending narrative Jackass 4.

Ass 4 is being recorded at the present time. During the trick for the Jackass’ Shark Week, Sean had tumbled off his waterboard, and scarcely any sharks had assaulted him. Despite the fact that his life was saved, his hand got severely harmed by shark chomps.

Sean McInerney, known as Poopies, is an entertainer and surfer. Additionally, he is a Youtuber. Sean isn’t found on Wikipedia. Nonetheless, he is reachable by means of different sites and news channels accessible on the web. He has a YouTube channel named The Poopies Chanel, where he has around 50,000 supporters. He generally marked recordings on his submerged insight.

Besides, he showed up on the mainstream television series, Who is J.O.B? also, presently is good to go to b showed up on Jackass 4. Sean is an expert surfer. Additionally, he has referenced him to have a degree in sharks.

Sean McInerney’s age is by all accounts in his 40s. He has not uncovered a lot of his own data to the media. Nonetheless, taking a gander at him, it very well may be expected that he is in his mid 40s. Sean McInerney got harmed on his trick for Jackass’ Shark Week.

He fell into the water when he was playing out the trick. Around then, numerous sharks had assaulted him, which made a genuine injury his hand. As referenced in The Sun, he was promptly saved by the cast individuals.

In spite of the fact that his life was saved, he got fiercely harmed. He likewise referenced he couldn’t move his hand. Presently, his hand is as yet in the swathe, yet he is very much recuperated. He additionally shared his photos after the recuperation.