Second Caretaker of Missing Oklahoma Girl, 4, Faces Murder Charge


A subsequent parental figure has been captured regarding the vanishing of 4-year-old Athena Brownfield in Oklahoma. Ivon Adams, 36, was captured in Arizona on Thursday and is anticipating removal to Oklahoma on one count of homicide and one count of kid disregard, the Oklahoma State Department of Examination (OSBI) said Friday.

His better half Alysia Adama, 31, faces two counts of kid disregard subsequent to being captured around the same time by the OSBI, specialists said in a Facebook post.

Two or three’s charges come from the disclosure of Athena’s 5-year-old sister strolling alone in Cyril, Oklahoma on Jan. 10. The next day the OSBI shared on Facebook that they and the Cyril Police Division were searching for Athena as an issue of criticalness. The sister is right now in defensive care and was allegedly seen as safe, per NBC News. On Friday, that’s what specialists expressed “Alysia and Ivon Adams were Athena’s overseers when she vanished.” That’s what they added “Athena’s five-year-old sister was likewise in their consideration.”

KFOR Correspondent Ashley Greenery shared Friday that Ivon deferred his right to a removal hearing after his capture, with the territory of Oklahoma currently having 30 days to get him from Arizona. The Oklahoma Thruway Watch gave a missing jeopardized individual caution for Athena after the news hit of her sister being tracked down last week, yet didn’t give a Golden Caution “since there was no sign of a snatching,” a representative told NBC News.

Oklahoma Roadway Watch Officer Eric Cultivate added, per KOCO, that the Golden Alarm has “explicit rules,” adding “when we press that button, it goes the entire way to Washington, D.C., and goes out that way. In this way, there’s particular things and rules that we need to observe. Few out of every odd piece of that rule became possibly the most important factor in this, so that wasn’t finished.” “I’ve quite recently serious areas of strength for became my youngsters,” Athena’s grandma Penny Brownfield told NBC. “It’s influencing my kids. It’s truly influencing my most established child, which those are his infants, and that implies those are my infants, as well.”

Brownfield added that her granddaughter is “not about to evaporate,” and that her vanishing has been “all in all a blow.”

A missing individual banner notes that the little kid was most recently seen in a pink butterfly sweater and pink jeans, as Rubbish administration in Cyril has been suspended and occupants are approached to share any data or helpful surveillance camera film as the hunt proceeds. “We’re simply searching for each sign, handling all that we can to check whether it can assist us with finding her,” OSBI representative Creek Arbeitman said, per NBC.

Arbeitman said on Wednesday that “there’s nothing to demonstrate that other than she’s a small kid and she’s missing. She’s on her own in the components. Is that in harm’s way? Definitely. Yet, would she say she is a survivor of actual damage? That is not settled as of yet.”

Anybody with data on her location is approached to contact the Oklahoma State Agency of Examination at 800-522-8017 or