Secrets Uncovered – What happened to Lynsie Ekelund?


The disintegrated stays of Lynsie Ekelund, a 20-year-old Fullerton Understudy who disappeared in February 2001, were found in a St Nick Clarita slope almost 10 years after the fact after her executioner admitted to choking her and drove specialists to the gravesite. The region was once a building site, where a four-foot grave was found with the casualty’s garments and bones.

Reports express that Ekelund vanished subsequent to going to a San Diego club with Christopher McAmis and two different young ladies. McAmis was the last individual to have seen her alive and at first asserted that he had dropped her off close to her home in Orange Area. McAmis stayed a suspect for almost a decade until his capture and admission in 2010.

An impending episode of Dateline: Privileged insights Uncovered is scheduled to return to Lynsie Ekelund’s vanishing and murder this Tuesday. The episode, named The Night Lynsie Vanished, airs on Oxygen at 6:00 pm ET on June 13, 2023. The summation expresses this:

“It was a secret that befuddled specialists for a really long time; an undergrad vanishes following a night out clubbing; her mom thought she was at a sleepover with companions and it takes an extremely observant criminal investigator to find reality covered in a heap of lies.”Lynsie Ekelund, a Fullerton Understudy, vanished after goind to a club in February 2001

On the night of February 16, 2001, Lynsie Ekelund was gotten from her family’s Placentia home in Orange District by Christopher McAmis. The couple then got Ekelund’s two other female companions prior to heading to a club in San Diego.

The next morning, McAmis dropped off the two young ladies at their homes and went to Whittier with Ekelund. He professed to have dropped off the Fullerton School news coverage understudy close to her family home, where she lived with her mom. Nonetheless, Ekelund never made it home, and the 20-year-old was accounted for missing by her mom a couple of days after the fact.

As per the Los Angeles Times, there was no likelihood that Ekelund, who was somewhat deadened in an auto collision when she was a youngster, would have taken off, given the idea of her handicaps.

Since Christopher McAmis was the last individual to have seen her alive, investigators thought his contribution in Lynsie Ekelund’s vanishing, and he was an individual of premium all along.

NBC reports that following quite a while of dissents, delayed examinations, and ineffective polygraph tests, an improved CCTV camera film from an ATM questioned the cases made by Christopher McAmis during the underlying phases of the examination.

The proof, which was procured by Placentia police with the assistance an extraordinary virus case unit at the Orange Province DA office, recommended that McAmis lied about driving up to Rose Drive in Placentia, where he dropped off Lynsie Ekelund and afterward drove home. He was captured while living in Fullerton on October 29, 2010.

McAmis, a 31-year-old development specialist and a wedded dad of-one, was faced with new and implicating proof on November 3 of that very year, following which, he admitted to the homicide. He admitted to choking Ekelund at his Whittier condo trying to r*pe her back in February 2001.

As per a San Gabriel Valley Tribune report, McAmis then, at that point, drove analysts to a slope region in the 29000 block of Bouquet Gulch Street in St Nick Clarita, where he professed to have covered Ekelund’s body.

In a four-foot-profound grave, investigators tracked down the casualty’s skeletal remaining parts and garments. The region was a building site once upon a time where McAmis worked. He entered a liable request regarding the homicide in April 2022.

Get more familiar with Lynsie Ekelund’s vanishing and murder on Dateline: Mysteries Uncovered this Tuesday, June 13.