See No Evil on ID: How did Rhonda Oakley die?


Rhonda Oakley, a caring stepmother to two teens, was viewed as choked and wounded to death in the storm cellar of the family’s Danville, Kentucky, home during the late evening long periods of one September day in 2016. The revelation was made by her stepson, David, who had recently gotten back from school. His sister Jenna and Rhonda’s vehicle, which was typically left in the carport, were additionally absent.

Specialists discovered that the stepdaughter, Jenna Oakley, was involved with a more seasoned man named Kenneth Near, something Rhonda and her significant other Phillip didn’t support. Following different leads and their cellphones, specialists had the option to follow Jenna and her beau while they were on the run. They were captured at an inn in Tucumcari, New Mexico, in no time.

An impending episode of See No Shrewd will narrative Rhonda Oakley’s homicide by her stepdaughter, who had moved toward killing her whole family for adoration. The episode, named Savage Love, airs on ID this Wednesday, May 3, at 6 pm ET.

Rhonda Oakley, 52, worked at a printing plant in Danville, Kentucky, a task she held for around thirty years. She was hitched to Phillip Oakley and was the stepmother to her significant other’s two adolescent youngsters, David and Jenna. The youngsters had as of late moved in with the couple in April 2016.

Reports express that Rhonda left town on August 31, 2016, to go to a business gathering and was supposed to return the following day. In any case, the next evening, around 4 pm, her 13-year-old stepson David got back from school and found a frightful crime location in the cellar. Rhonda was found with a plastic pack over her head and numerous blade wounds around her neck.

David Oakley settled on a 911 decision from their neighbor’s home, and people on call who showed up at the scene tracked down the 52-year-old casualty dead with a few gashes around her neck. Specialists looked through the home, and keeping in mind that there were no indications of a break-in, they found a garbage bin loaded up with upchuck and a blade missing from its block in the kitchen.

Rhonda Oakley’s vehicle, a white 2014 Honda Municipal, was absent from the carport, and there was no indication of her stepdaughter, Jenna Oakley. Specialists later gained from the casualty’s better half that Jenna was involved with a more seasoned man named Kenneth Near, whom she met while living with her mom in Indiana. Both Phillip and Rhonda disliked their relationship and attempted to restrict their contact.

Specialists had the option to follow the two suspects in Rhonda Oakley’s killing utilizing tips, reconnaissance, and different leads

The examination before long uncovered data that persuaded specialists to think that Kenneth was in Kentucky at the hour of the homicide. Reconnaissance film from the air terminal alongside a cab driver’s assertions demonstrated that he was close to the Oakleys’ home that day. A tip came in that professed to have spotted Jenna and Kenneth together at a nearby Walmart. Security film affirmed the data.

Utilizing both their telephone areas, specialists followed them to an inn in Tucumcari, New Mexico. They tracked down the casualty’s vehicle outside and captured them. In the mean time, specialists likewise found Jenna’s diary, which definite her arrangements to kill her whole family. Kenneth draped himself in a New Mexico confinement cell while anticipating removal and died at an emergency clinic a month and a half later.

Despite the fact that Kenneth Near assumed total ownership in a self destruction note for the homicide, apparently clearing Jenna Oakley, the last option admitted to the occasions, expressing that she remained with her sweetheart on August 31, however when her stepmother Rhonda Oakley got back the following day, they got into a contention, which swelled into a quarrel, and she attempted to stifle Rhonda.

That is when Kenneth, trying to help the 15-year-old, went after Rhonda, and when she dropped, they cut her on different occasions with a kitchen blade. Jenna later unloaded the deadly weapon at a corner store. She conceded to first-degree murder and robbery.

ID’s See No Detestable will additionally dive into Rhonda Oakley’s homicide this Wednesday.