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Selamet Mehmetaj is a medication nobleman. Otherwise called ‘The Devil’, he sold strong weed plants to his vendors. After a covert Mail journalist acted like a customer for Selamet, each of his insider facts came out.

Mehmetaj isn’t the one in particular who utilizes Instagram to manage pot. Truth be told, numerous other street pharmacists have been utilizing web-based media stages to take advantage of young people.

The unlawful marijuana market in the United Kingdom is assessed to be worth somewhere in the range of £2 and 2.6 billion pounds. One of every four deals were made internet during 2014. Nonetheless, the extent is presently thought to be a lot higher.

Allow us to look further into Selamet Mehmetaj in the article beneath. As referenced above, Selamet Mehmetaj is a medication aristocrat. He has as of late been at the center of attention after his Instagram page ‘Albanian Blood’ was found.

As indicated by Mail Online, his strong pot exchange is worth multi-million-pound. Truth be told, he even rode a £50,000 Mercedes-Benz. The 28-year-elderly person sold intense marijuana plants to his vendors.

In the video, he can be heard saying that he sells 2,500 powerful weed establishes every month and harvests buds for them to sell. Moreover, Mehmetaj likewise bragged about seizing and cleaving off the fingers of a customer

Selamet Mehmetaj, presently situated in Palmers Green, is initially from the northern Albanian town of Tropoja. He has an assortment of vehicles like Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG, an Audi RS7, and a Formula 3 vehicle.

Selamet Mehmetaj was dynamic on Instagram as the ‘Gjak Shqipez’ which implies Albanian Blood. Nonetheless, his record has as of now been eliminated. With around 1,000 supporters on his Instagram handle, he used to supply powerful marijuana to his vendors.

In addition, the secret columnist reached Selamet through his Instagram account before it was taken out. They acted like a client and reached him through online media. In like manner, Selamet met the secret columnists close to his home in Palmers Green.

At this point, no report about Selamet Mehmetaj’s capture has been unveiled. Moreover, he was recently captured in April 2020, after police found a Russian PK automatic rifle concealed underneath the gearbox in his Mercedes-Benz. Mehmetaj, notwithstanding, escaped prison following 48 hours.