Semilore Pweety Has Slammed Relationship Expert Blessing CEO

Nollywood entertainer Kudirat Ogunro also called Semilore Pweety has pummeled relationship master, Gift Chief.

Kemi Filani news announced that Gift had surprised web-based entertainment as she spilt privileged insights about IVD and his late spouse, Airhead.

Oneself acclaimed relationship master took to Instagram to uncover new things about the late Airhead Ogbonna and her better half, IVD in a bid to effectively defend himself after the police confirmed him for aggressive behavior at home.

Favoring, who has been vocal working on it, had shared receipts and proof to debate the cases that IVD genuinely attacked and killed his better half.

She spilt on how the departed’s family were battling for IVD’s abundance. As per her, the group of the late Airhead is after IVD’s properties and life, particularly her senior sister, Mom Jazz.

Individuals who realized the couple realized Airhead has been fierce. The relationship master added that the departed generally broke a jug on her better half’s head on an everyday.

Favoring President attacks Nkechi Gift, Anita Joseph and others

Favoring President whose record was debilitated following her stunner disclosure made another record where she attacked superstars censuring her.

In an Instagram live meeting, she hammered them for being deceptive.

Favoring noticed how general society would have been extolling her in the event that she was setting up a shelter with Airhead.

Giving a harsh admonition to Anita Joseph and co, she promised to affront them, at whatever point they call her on the issue.

Coming down curses on those censuring her, Approval Chief appealed to God for the world to turn on them when they are in issue.

“To those bringing me to mind my business, particularly the big names, I need to caution you. In the event that you are near me and you are a big name, and you send me DM or call me once more, I will affront you.

Since when you have an issue, the vast majority of you come to my DM to favor you. Presently it has arrived at someone else’s turn, since you are companions with them you believe I should mind my business.

In the event that it was a lady going through abusive behavior at home and I was discussing it, you will publicity me. But since it’s a man, you are calling me a side stylish.

Kudirat hammers Gift Chief

Gauging into it, Kudirat shot Gift’s President for meddling in their theatrics.

Advising her to rest, she expressed that she had never seen anybody convey individuals’ matter on their heads like she is doing.

“Favoring pls rest nitori Olorun. I’ve never seen somebody convey someone else’s matter on their head as much as this. Ki lo de now”.