Shakira Throws Shade at Ex Gerard Piqué in Spicy New Song Lyrics: ‘I’m Too Good for You’

Shakira is focusing on her ex, Gerard Piqué, in the merciless verses of her most recent melody. The Colombian whiz, 45, uncovered another coordinated effort with Argentine maker Bizarrap named “BZRP Music Meeting #53” on Thursday, which highlights explicit verses about their split, its repercussions and Piqué’s ongoing sweetheart, Clara Chia Marti.

“Apologies, I previously took one more plane/I’m not returning here/I don’t need another mistake,” sings Shakira on the cheery Spanish-language track, per an interpretation from Bulletin, appearing to reference her new move from Barcelona to Miami with her and the 35-year-old previous soccer star’s children, Milan and Sasha.

“You circumvent saying you’re a boss/And when I really wanted you/You gave your most obviously terrible rendition.”

“Sorry child, I ought to have tossed you out some time back/A she-wolf like me isn’t really for new kids on the block/A she-wolf like me isn’t for folks like you,” she keeps, gesturing to her 2009 hit “She Wolf,” delivered not long from now before the pair met in 2010. “I’m excessively great for you, and that is the reason you’re with somebody very much like you.”

Shakira then appears to dive into considerably more unambiguous insights regarding their separation. “You left me my mother by marriage as my neighbor/News sources at my entryway and under water with the public authority,” sings the performer, seeming to make reference to her continuous duty misrepresentation preliminary in Spain.

“You assumed you hurt me, yet you made me more grounded/Ladies don’t cry any longer, they cash in.” Later in the melody, the Grammy victor appears to offer remarks about Piqué’s 23-year-former sweetheart, Marti. “I wish you karma with my alleged substitution/I don’t actually have the foggiest idea what befell you,” she sings. “I’m worth two of 22 [year old]/You exchanged a Ferrari for a Twingo/You exchanged a Rolex for a Casio/You’re going quick, dial back/Loads of time at the exercise center, however your cerebrum needs a little work as well.”

In the ensemble, rehashed on different occasions all through the melody, Shakira proclaims, “I’m excessively really great for you, and that is the reason you’re with somebody very much like you.”

Following 11 years together, she and Piqué reported their partition in a joint explanation on June 4, 2022, which read, “We lament to affirm that we are isolating.

We request security right now for the prosperity of our youngsters, who are our most extreme need. Much obliged to you ahead of time for your comprehension and regard.”

Insight about their split came after the Spanish media source El Periodico revealed that Piqué was living independently from the vocalist and their kids.

Recently, Shakira offered fans a profound however elevating message for 2023 in an Instagram post written in both Spanish and English, taking note of that the people who have been sold out “should proceed” to keep the confidence. “Regardless of whether our injuries are as yet open in this new year, time has a specialist’s hands,” she composed.

“Regardless of whether somebody’s sold out us, we should keep on confiding in others. When confronted with disdain, keep on knowing your value.

Since there are more great individuals than obscene ones. A larger number of individuals with sympathy than lack of concern. The ones who leave are less than the numerous who stay close by.”

The songstress additionally communicated her conviction that aggravation can impel development.

“Our tears are not to no end, they water the dirt our future will spring from and make us more human, so that even while enduring anguish we can keep on cherishing,” the post read.