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Shane Jerome was a double.

He was employed to perform stunts for a rap video, where he was lethally cut on 21st July 2021.

Shane Jerome was a double who was cut with a blade outside of Brixton Tube station.

He was declared dead at the scene by the crisis administrations at 8.45 pm last evening.

Shane Jerome’s age is by all accounts in his mid 20s, taking a gander at his appearance.

In any case, we need intel on his careful date of birth and his zodiac sign.

On 21st July, Shane was employed to perform rap music recordings.

While recording the rap music video, he was killed with a blade in broad daylight.

We need intel on his information, as we didn’t get any checked information on him.

As per Daily Mail, Shane Jerome was wounded to death in Brixton Tube station by supposed desirous haters. Along these lines, desirously is the reason for his end.

The observer has referenced that an escort of vehicles and quad bicycles unexpectedly turned on each other which lead to one man being wounded where the other got a fistfight prior to running going.

The front of the escort was a dark Ranger Rover, and its driver had worn a balaclava.

Moreover, there was a red Ferrari, Lime green Lamborghini, and two quad bicycles, according to My London.

The observer referenced that he was lying in the street, where a rescue vehicle approach right away.

There he was getting CPR immediately, yet the condition doesn’t look great.

Police have communicated that they have captured a man regarding the occurrence that happened.