Shania Twain Rocks Pastel Pink Hair During ‘Today’ Show Appearance — See the Look!

Shania Twain is making pink her tone! While showing up on the Today show Thursday morning, the vocalist, 57, exchanged her unique earthy colored locks for a pastel pink haircut, like one she shook while going to the 2022 Individuals’ Decision Grants a month ago.

Wearing a dark turtleneck with gold extras, Twain wore her hair in a pig tail in the back as her bangs covered her temple.

Strands of hair then flowed down each side of her head. She even went pink with her glitz — planning her shimmery eye shadow and lipstick with her hair.

As she visited with co-has Hoda Kotb and Jenna Shrubbery Hager about a variety of points, including her destined to-be-delivered collection Sovereign of Me, the “Man!

I Feel Like a Lady!” songstress additionally said she is tied in with embracing her magnificence as she ages.

“I awaken consistently over the most recent couple of years truly feeling an opportunity I’ve never felt, and that is accompanying the acknowledgment that I can’t slow the method involved with maturing, that is beyond my control, so I want to begin getting a charge out of maturing and partaking in all that accompanies that,” Twain made sense of.

As Kotb, 58, then asked the country symbol how she feels “in the skin you’re in the present moment,” Twain answered, “I feel perfect in my own skin.”

“I can thoroughly search in the mirror with the lights on, I’m wanting to such an extent that encounter, so that is one illustration of opportunity of feeling freed,” she added. “I truly wouldn’t fret — I stroll in with the lights on and check [all spots of my body]. I feel better turning around that sort of dread that I’ve had, I think, for my entire life, my modesty about my defects.”

Twain then said that it’s perfect to “not depend on design” with regards to concealing a few imperfections, and furthermore talked about the strengthening she finds inside being bare.

“I love design and I love to wear things, I love surface and I love everything about style, and with style, we’re intended to attempt to wear things that are reasonable for our body, for our shape, for our size,” she said. “In any case, something really doesn’t add up about bareness that discards that for a moment and says how are you with practically no of that?”

Back in September, Twain delivered her single “Awakening Dreaming,” which will show up on her impending 6th studio collection. What’s more, for the single workmanship, she chose to present topless. Talking with Individuals as of late, Twain said, “This is me communicating my reality. I’m OK with myself, and this is how I’m sharing that certainty.”

“I think the best design is certainty, and anything you wear — assuming you’re wearing it with that, it’s elegant,” she proceeded.

“I’m a lady in my late 50s, and I don’t have to take cover behind the garments. I couldn’t perceive you how great it felt to do bare shooting,” added Twain.

“I was simply so unashamed of my new body, you know, as a lady that is a ways into my menopause. I’m not even profound about it; I simply have an OK outlook on it. It’s truly freeing.”