“She said a whole lot of nothing” – Netizens slam Kim Kardashian as reality star addresses Balenciaga backlash on IRL podcast

In a meeting on the Angie Martinez IRL web recording, media character Kim Kardashian safeguarded her reaction to the Balenciaga embarrassment on Monday, December 26, 2022.

The extravagance brand has been blamed for advancing kid p*rnography after an upsetting effort for their Spring/Summer 2023 assortment was sent off on November 16, 2022. The pictures highlighted kids presenting with teddy bears in subjugation gear.


Individuals were shocked over numerous big names remaining silent about the mission, including Kim’s late reaction resolving the issue. She is a continuous teammate with the extravagance brand and has highlighted in large numbers of the brand’s missions.

In the meeting, Kim Kardashian made sense of that individuals are angry with her for not dropping the extravagance brand, expressing:

“But since I didn’t say, ‘F**k you, Balenciaga. That is all there is to it,’ individuals blew up at that… So they’re frantic on the off chance that I don’t stand up. They’re distraught assuming I truly do stand up, and on the off chance that I don’t drop.”
One Twitter client, Katlyn Greenery, got down on Kim for her meaningless statements expressing:

“The Balenciaga adventure just uncovered your wiped out vanity” – Netizens censure Kim Kardashian’s tirade on web recording
Fans pummeled Kim Kardashian after her real meeting with Angie Martinez. Many got down on her refusal to take a more grounded reaction and cut attaches with Balenciaga as a way to in any case benefit from the brand while “pacifying the kickback.” They referred to it as “vanity.”

Others called attention to that she profited from drop culture and presently when it is pertinent and essential, she is pulling out. A few clients raised the time Kim attempted to “damage” Taylor Quick’s profession over her quarrel with Kim’s ex Ye (Kanye West).

A Twitterati, Clairina Paquette, scrutinized the socialite:

Here are a few additional remarks seen on Twitter getting down on Kim Kardashian:

Another client took the case of an ex Balenciaga worker who quit after insight about the embarrassment broke. The previous representative encouraged superstars to go with the same pattern as they have a “voice.”

After the Balenciaga outrage, Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram post wearing one of the brand’s shirts (a joint effort with Adidas). Subsequently, residents encouraged her to censure the brand.

In any case, it required Kim a long investment to put out an announcement. In a progression of Tweets, she refered to needing to explore herself as the justification for the deferral. She tended to her shock at the pictures, saying:

“As a mother of four, I have been shaken by the upsetting pictures. The security of kids should be held with the most elevated respect, and any endeavors to standardize kid maltreatment of any sort ought to have no bearing in our general public — period.”
The socialite closed her articulation by saying that she was rethinking her relationship with the extravagance brand.