Shelby Stanga Family With Wife Donna Graff In Louisiana

Shelby Stanga family comprises of spouse Donna Graff and kids. Shelby and Donna got hitched in the mid 2000s.

Stanga is a commonly known American TV moderator and expert lumberjack eminent for his engaging ability on History Channel’s Hatchet Men. He calls marshes and woods his home and is known as the Bog Man.

Debuted on Walk 9, 2008, on History, the unscripted TV drama follows crafted by a few logging groups in the forest area of Northwestern Oregon, Montana, and Washington, and the waterways of Florida and Louisiana.

In the Hatchet Men, Stanga recuperated deserted logs from neighboring streams and woods with his always advancing cast – his companions, his canine, his cousins, his nieces, and his significant other.

Subsequent to acquiring monstrous acclaim following his appearance in the truth series, Hatchet Men, Stanga got back with the side project series, The Legend Of Shelby The Marsh Man, which debuted in August 2013 on History.

Shelby Stanga has a little family with spouse Donna Gaff and their canine Willy. Donna lives with her better half in Louisiana.

The lumberjack’s better half is purportedly a Jehova’s Observer, and the pair likewise showed up in an episode of Jehovah’s Observer. Stanga met her before he was projected in History Channel’s Hatchet Men.

Donna has seemed commonly with her better half in his unscripted TV drama. Also, albeit many think she isn’t generally so extreme as her accomplice, in all actuality, she has done yet does things that most avoid doing.

Consider Stanga’s Facebook post of Walk 2012, where he made sense of how his significant other has been depicted on the show as a petite little city young lady, yet she is a long way from it.

Graff has bounced in the water, pulled logs, set up camp under an umbrella in the bog, driven the boat and the bog buggy (great), and in some cases even outfished the bog man.

All around, she is the genuine Marsh Sovereign. In Season 4 Episode 16 of Hatchet Men, Donna shows up close by her significant other to assist him with getting an extraordinary request of Marsh Man. The episode broadcasted on April 10, 2011.

She returned in Season 5 Episode 3 (No Aggravation, No Addition). In the episode that circulated on January 22, 2012, the couple brought in reinforcement to take care of extraordinary requests for Marsh Man so they could cover clinic and fix bills.

In Season 6 Episode 9 (Gators and Hand Explosives), Stanga utilized a spurious projectile to trick his mate. Graff has likewise been highlighted in The Legend Of Shelby The Bog Man and Return of the Marsh Man.

The Bog Man carries on with a cheerful and agreeable existence with his family in Louisiana close to lake Pontchartrain. The pair repels media consideration and is yet to share insights regarding their children.

Notwithstanding, the lumberjack has presented a few of his relatives in the unscripted TV drama.

He was joined by his transformative cast of companions – his significant other, Donna, his canine Willy, his cousins Belinda, Richard, Jasmine, and Jarvis, his companions Lord, DaVi, and Weave, and his nieces Stephanie and Cheyenne.

In 2013, Stanga discussed his cousin Jasmine, the most youthful marsh buggy driver, as he shared a lively photograph of her on Facebook. The post uncovered his cousin has been around them for her entire life and is mindful, certain, and able.

In Season 6 Episode 11 (The Typhoon Slope), the Bog Man races to help his cousins caught in their home as Tropical storm Isaac made landfall on the Bay Coast. He pushed through the tempest and carried his cousins to somewhere safe.

Stanga likewise had a charming canine named Willy, who unfortunately died in 2015.

Stanga joined the cast of Hatchet Men in its third season (2009) as a Bog Man proficient lumberjack. The show focused his logging takes advantage of in the bogs, timberlands, and pools of Southern Louisiana.

The Bog Man has lived in the marshes north of New Orleans since the young age of nine and has been signing nearby for over forty years.

Since his initial days, he has been preparing himself vital abilities to survive to adjust to the marshes and woods. Therefore, he has diverted his outrageous way of life into his profession.

Stanga has been routinely displaying his abilities to survive and profession starting around 2009. Prior to appearing in Hatchet Men, he had a concise stretch as an aide in Season 3 Episode 2 of Man versus Wild in 2008.

He has achieved credits for 51 episodes of Hatchet Men and was perhaps of the most-cherished cast part.

A side project series to Chop out Men, The Legend Of Shelby The Bog Man, debuted on August 6, 2013. The series followed the lumberjack’s life when he was not logging.

Season 1 of the series included eight episodes. Likewise, a Christmas episode circulated on December 3, 2013. The last two episodes arrived on April 26, 2015, following the season finale of Hatchet Men.

He got back with his other show, Return of Shelby the Marsh Man, in October 2018. In this series, Stanga gotten a move on assist with getting his kindred swampers and companions in a good place again.