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Do you know? At the point when she became pregnant with her child, Derek, Shelly Lietz was preparing to be a medical caretaker in her first year of school. As indicated by the scene, she was not prepared to turn into a mother, however she picked to keep her child.

Shelly brought forth Derek Carr Leitz on November 13, 1991. In spite of the fact that Derek seemed to be a normal young person, a few pointers foreshadowed what he would turn into.

Shelly along these lines expressed that Derek was an insubordinate and stubborn young fellow who regularly let blind fury oversee his activities. She even portrayed when he crushed a toy truck in light of the fact that Shelly wouldn’t get it for him.

Derek gotten a genuine respiratory ailment and pneumonia when he was around seven months old, bringing about his demise. Shelly was so terrified of losing her child because of this that she frequently excused his misconduct.

Then again, Derek exploited this and kept on taking care of his disdain and hatred. Shelly attempted everything she could to help her child, including taking him to a specialist, yet it didn’t work.

Shelly turned into a hostage in her own home, compelled to submit to her all child’s orders out of dread for her life. Nonetheless, as she had no clue, Derek’s obsession with wrath and brutality would ultimately land him in jail after an awful homicide.

Shelly Lietz’s child, Derek Leitz, is anticipating his preliminary in Maisie’s homicide in the slammer. In the mean time, he was blamed for requesting murder from inside jail. Reports guaranteed that he employed a fellow prisoner to kill his significant other, Maisie’s beau.

Derek gave a SUV model vehicle, an AK-47 firearm, and $4,600 to his fellow prisoner according to the understanding. Yet, he first argued not blameworthy to the claims against him when the police brought him under the steady gaze of the court.

Lietz ultimately confessed and was viewed liable of first-degree deliberate homicide. Derek was condemned to life in jail in 2013 dependent on his conviction, with the capability of delivery following 40 years.

Derek is right now serving his life term at the Green Bay Correctional Institution in Allouez, Wisconsin, Gabriel Campos.

Derek Leitz has had an oppressive relationship with his better half, Maisie McCullough. At the point when he surprisingly met her interestingly, things improved. She drew out the most incredible in him and surprisingly figured out how to mitigate his fury.

Before long, the couple were locked in and in the end brought forth their child. Lamentably, things immediately spiraled wild, and Derek started manhandling his mom and Maisie.

Shelly felt so unnerved that she secured herself her room and nearly turned into a detainee in her own home. Then again, Derek had no aim of going out, putting the two ladies in a persistent condition of dread.

Notwithstanding, when Derek’s direct turned out to be progressively forceful, Maisie chose to part ways with her life partner. Derek didn’t take this well, and on September 7, 2012, he fought back in an astonishing presentation of brutality.

Derek cut Maisie’s throat wounded her, and went out bath prior to escaping with the baby during the homicides. Shelly found Maisie’s killed body and detailed the wrongdoing to the specialists.

At the point when the specialists began investigating the occurrence, they found Derek Campos’ outrageous fierceness. He was oppressive to his mom and ex-fiancee and every now and again depended on fierce anger.

Shelly had turned into a detainee in her own home because of her fear of her child, as indicated by the police. In the interim, Maisie had chosen to say a final farewell to Derek and started dating another person.

Derek turned into the main suspect according to the police immediately, as indicated by the scene “Underhanded Lives Here.” They accepted he had taken the child with him. The police gave a golden notification for Shelly’s grandson, zeroing in their endeavors on tracking down him.

A visitor house secretary from the Wisconsin Rapids district called the police at 5 a.m. the following day to alarm them that Derek and the youth had set up for the inn. Specialists encompassed the lodging rapidly and entered, expecting a gunfight.

Then again, Derek Campos gave up without occurrence, and not really set in stone the baby to be safe. After the capture, the officials tracked down blood with the rest of Derek’s personal effects and in his vehicle, which was ideal for the person in question.

They likewise found a blade in his truck spread with Maisie’s blood and was associated with being the homicide weapon. Because of the follow researchers, Derek was accused of Maisie’s murder.