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Shiva Kashid is an anecdotal verifiable figure who shows up in the occasions encompassing Shivaji Maharaj’s retreat from the Panhala Siege and appearance in Vishalgad.

Nonetheless, numerous people feel that he was a genuine person as his sculpture can in any case be found on the Panhala fortification today.

The passing of the fanciful person Shiva Kashid happened on thirteenth July 1660.

Shiva Kashid was a stylist and Shivaji Maharaj’s sidekick. His appearance was more similar to Maharaj’s.

Shiva was helped how to walk and carry on like Maharaj. He additionally resembled a ruler, like Shivaji Maharaj.

Accordingly, he got requested to elect to proceed to meet Siddhi Johar instead of Maharaj to sleight of hand with the goal that he could help Shivaji and help him escape.

Regardless of being a person who shifted the direction of history, very little is uncovered with regards to Shiva Kashid on the chronicled Wikipedia page.

After Afzal Khan died during the 1600s, Adilshah dispatched Siddhi Johar of Karnul to assault Shivaji Maharaj. Siddhi had the option to hold Shivaji Maharaj under intrusion for almost a half year after the assault was compelling.

Netaji Palkar and different tribal leaders endeavored to safeguard Shivaji Mahraj from the attack, yet their endeavors were vain.

Siddhi once met Shivaji Maharaj while they were examining something. Since the assault had debilitated Maharaja’s military, Siddhi Johar’s military didn’t anticipate any offense from the rival.

The attack got lifted, and Shivaji Maharaj exploited this failure to understand the situation by Siddhi. When Shivaji Maharaj got booked to escape Siddhi’s attack in 1660, he sent Shiva Kashid in “Palakhi” the other way, camouflaged as Shivaji.

Following this, Kashid got captured and came to Siddhi, yet Siddhi had no clue about that the Maharaja he had secured was a finished fraud. Thus, angrily, Siddhi killed Shiva Kashid around the same time.

Shiva Kashid appears to have had a spouse and a family since he was as old as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


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In any case, restricted data got unveiled with regards to Shiva Kashid and his own life throughout the entire existence of the incomparable Maratha tradition. Subsequently, It is close to difficult to realize anything with respect to the spouse and group of Shiva.

Here are a few realities you didn’t have some familiarity with about Shiva Kashid.

Despite the fact that Shiva Kashid is supposed to be an anecdotal person, many individuals and antiquarians accept he was a veritable individual.

Vishalgad Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had the option to escape from the Panhala Siege to Vishalgad on account of the dauntlessness and reliability of Shiva Kashid.

Be that as it may, GS Sardesair, a celebrated teacher of history, didn’t make reference to Shiva Kashid in the escape in his book “New History of the Marathas.”

Likewise, Grant Duff, creator of “History of the Marathas,” doesn’t recognize Shiva Kashid.