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Shootashellz otherwise known as Cedron Doles was an arising African-American rapper from Chicago. He was acclaimed for his voice in melodies like Real Ones and Death of 150.

Gives anyway stood out as truly newsworthy after his passing on 10 July 2017. His end pulled in a great deal of consideration since he was shot on various occasions in the head until his face was fairly deformed.

Cedron’s demise appears to have been brought about by group competition. In 2019, the FBI started exploring the case and examined specific posses dynamic nearby. In any case, they didn’t observe a lot of lead about Shootashellz’s homicide and the case has been recorded in the inexplicable ones.

Shootashellz Death Pic and Video Surface On Reddit Rapper Shootashellz’s passing pictures and recordings have reemerged on destinations like Reddit. Be that as it may, you need to check your age to see the graphical picture and film. It contains a photograph of his dead body with the distorted head and face.

Cedron’s photos have been circling via online media locales since his demise in 2017. In spite of that, individuals are as yet alarmed to watch the photograph or video two times.

Shootashellz Death Cause: Who Killed Him? Who killed melodic craftsman Shootashellz? This is as yet a disputable inquiry since his homicide case has not yet been settled. He was going to enter his vehicle at the Auburn Gresham people group when he was assaulted by three men on the morning of 10 July 2017.

The unidentified men shot him on numerous occasions in the body and head even after he was dead. Indeed, 43 shot shell housings were found close to his perished body.

Gives’ passing was brought about by discharges and it is thought to be an instance of pack savagery. According to Chicago Tribune, he was related with the pack group named Black Mobb.

Shootashellz posted a tune named Death of 150 ere 3 months of his merciless homicide. In the melody, he provoked a group rival which went by the name, No Limit 150. Investigate Shootashellz Wikipedia: Real Name Revealed Chicago-based rapper, Shootashellz died at age 21 preceding acquiring a spot in Wikipedia.

He was born and reproduced in Chicago. He was simply starting his vocation in 2017 and had delivered two tunes: Real Ones and Death of 150. Shootashellz had extraordinary potential in the music business yet he died way prior. He was killed by three men who are thought to be from his adversary group.

Also, the genuine name of Shootashellz was Cedron Doles. What Was Shootashellz Net Worth At Death? Shootashellz’s total assets subtleties at the hour of his demise are hush-hush.

In 2017, he was simply starting his vocation as a rapper. He procured a respectable total yet didn’t get an opportunity to amass a strong total as he died too soon. Ideally, Shootashellz partook in a respectable life until he was alive.