“Should be tried for treason”: Matt Hancock leaked Whatsapp texts scandal spark backlash online

Previous English Wellbeing Secretary Matt Hancock is at the focal point of analysis after his spilled Whatsapp messages showed him examining with a helper when to uncover the presence of the Kent variation of Coronavirus. They appear to be examining the dates of when to deliver the news to guarantee individuals follow lockdown rules.

In another visit, the top of the Common Assistance, Simon Case, recommended that the “dread/responsibility factor” was imperative to the public authority’s informing. The spilled visits were distributed by the Sunday Broadcast show. In excess of 100,000 WhatsApp discussions were spilled by writer Isabel Oakeshott, a freely vocal pundit of lockdowns.


Matt Hancock answered the holes by making an announcement to the general population. In the explanation, he alluded to the kicking back messages as a “halfway, one-sided record to suit an enemy of lockdown plan.”

Matt Hancock is confronting serious reaction from people in general. As a previous wellbeing secretary, many accept he didn’t carry out his responsibilities appropriately, and even “kidding about this is silly.” Others need him in prison, so they get the equity they merit for being infused with “chips,” as Hancock says.

A few group are calling Hancock’s way of behaving brutal, insidious, narrow minded, and savage. The spilled discussions started a few web-based discusses, yet the larger part remained against the previous wellbeing secretary.

In a spilled text discussion between Matt Hancock and a helper, the wellbeing secretary is by all accounts examining when to “convey” the declaration of the new variation to general society. The trade happened on December 13, 2020, five days before the public authority chose to scrap intends to loosen up the standards.

“There is positively no open interest case for this enormous break. Every one of the materials for the book have proactively been made accessible to the Request, which is the right, and just, place for all that to be thought about appropriately and the right examples to be learned.”

In a meeting with the BBC, Chris Heaton-Harris, the public authority’s Northern Ireland secretary, said that the messages appear to give “very nearly a view into the mind of Mr Hancock as opposed to into the real direction.”

Ann Widdecombe, a previous Moderate MP on Radio 5 Live with the BBC channel, said that she had been “similarly as much against lockdown as Isabel Oakeshott” yet tracked down the breaks “significantly pointless.”