”So much for their 100th anniversary”: Twitter furious as Warner Bros. Discovery removes 256 Looney Tunes shorts from HBO Max

After various hacks in the realm of enlivened shows, fans have been managed a colossal blow with the expulsion of Looney Tunes from HBO Max. The Flinstones, one more well known animation, has likewise been taken out from the streaming monster. The expulsion comprised of 256 shorts from the animation series.

This has ignited huge shock among fans, particularly the individuals who grew up watching the show on TV. This comes after HBO rejected quite a bit of its content with a dream of building something bigger. The rare vivified shorts numbered 511, however presently just 255 remain.

This brought about fans taking to web-based entertainment stages like Twitter to communicate their disappointment with the streaming monster. One of the fans remarked:

Warner Brothers. Disclosure has as of late attempted to reestablish its content to suit the developing requirements of the OTT business, which has seen a serious blast since the pandemic. Quite possibly of the most terrible impacted region in such manner has been the animation business, with various cancelations from HBO as well as other streaming locales.

Looney Tunes, Limitlessness Train, sufficiently close, Aquaman: Ruler of Atlantis, alright K.O! We should Be Legends, Victor and Valentino, Uncle Granddad, and Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs are among the shows that have been pulled out from HBO Max. This will undoubtedly make animation show fans incensed, particularly when numerous audiences relate wistfulness to these shows.

The colossal commotion about the show’s incomplete expulsion is an immediate gesture to the notoriety it actually appreciates all over the planet. It is likewise critical that the enlivened series from the 1930s is still so significant in 2023.

The media establishment additionally brought forth various side projects, films, and different media, making their fame enduring. Looney Tunes is as yet accessible in different organizations, like advanced DVDs and other paid web-based features, however HBO Max was the most effective way to watch the show.

A few sources revealed that Looney Tunes and other animation shows were eliminated because of upkeep issues and would be back soon. However, a source from The A.V. Club affirmed that this was not true and that the organization deliberately eliminated the show.

However long this occurs, it will keep on producing ruckus among fans. Ideally, the watchers will get an answer soon enough. Remain tuned for additional updates.

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