“So they worship Mbaka” – Netizens react as supporters of Fr Mbaka attack new Priest

Reverend Dad Ejike Mbaka’s evacuation as Profound Head of Reverence Services, Enugu, Nigeria, So be it, has brought about chapel assaults and disarray.

As indicated by reports, Fr. Mbaka was moved to a religious community to finish the excess disciplinary activities forced on him for meddling in political issues.


The service, which had been shut for a considerable length of time, returned on Sunday, October second, yet under the otherworldly course of Fire up Fr. Anthony Amadi and different clerics.

During the Sunday Mass, Fr Mbaka declared the cleric’s mandates and expressed that he would continue to the cloister. This incensed his allies, who started reciting “we say no.” They almost lynched Fr. Amadi, who was available at the Mass, while fighting with green leaves.

Netizens responded to the insight about Fr. Amadi’s assault by presuming that allies love Fr. Mbaka as opposed to God.

@qveenuz: subsequently, they love Mbaka instead of God.

@chommyswit: Na Waaooo

@daylight sconii: We are, truth be told, our own concerns.

@heisoyowen: This multitude of individuals who serve their dads or ministers are not serving God.

@gregoryadole: This one includes some type of subjugation.

@ezeh626: Every son follows his old man’s example. Mbaka imparted in his adherents disobedience, disobedience, and defiance.

@jetastyle: These individuals have not a single clue, swear 60m. 7 preferences Answer

@premium capsnaija: How might they grumble

@premium capsnaija: How might they have a problem with the diocesan’s choice in light of Catholic custom? Mbaka has gone too far. This is a Catholic church, not a congregation bunch.