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Missing Sofia Juarez mother and family have been looking for her throughout recent years. She vanished almost twenty years prior. Juarez was a 4-years of age kid who had disappeared on February 4, 2003, from Kennewick, Washington.

She went out to follow her grandma’s beau, Jose Lopez Torres to the store in the wake of requesting a dollar from her mom, Maria Juarez. After Jose returned, little Sofia was not with him and the family came to learn of the miscommunication.

They looked for her for some time prior to calling the police who called an Amber Alert, the first in Washington History, however without much of any result. Sofia Jaurez’s mother is Maria Jaurez while her dad’s name is Andres Gutierrez Abrajan.

The young lady lived with her mother and her supposed dad had denied having any relationship with her. Sofia has an enormous family with her grandparents, bunches of aunties, and kin including another youngster to who her mom born an offspring in 2008.

The name of her grandma is Ignacia Prado Juarez and her granddad is Jose Luis Juarez, who was not with the family at that point. Shockingly, her mother, Maria has effectively died on January 10, 2009, because of medical problems.

As per Wikipedia, Sofia Jaurez was 4 years old at the hour of her vanishing on February 4, 2003, a day prior to her fifth birthday celebration. She was born in the year 1998 on February 5, 2003, and would be 23 years of age now.

As of late, a clasp of a 22-23 years of age lady on TikTok has been becoming a web sensation with many speculating it very well may be her. Leads on the missing Sofia Jaurez have been found on TikTok.

A man can be seen meeting a 22-23 years of age Spanish-talking lady who says she despises birthday events and uncovers she was abducted. Not long after the video was posted, it became a web sensation on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit with many speculating she is the missing Sofia Jaurez. Kennewick police were informed and they are attempting to move the lady in Cilician to acquire a DNA test.