Software engineer gang raped in Jharkhand

Ranchi, Oct 22 (IANS) A computer programmer was assaulted by 10 youth in Jharkhand’s Chaibasa town.

On Friday, the person in question, alongside a male companion, had gone to visit the aerodrome region in Tekratahu, when they were unexpectedly encircled by the blamed.

Her companion was beaten and was approached to leave the spot, following which the culprits alternated to assault her.

The denounced additionally attacked the casualty when she attempted to oppose and removed her satchel and telephone.

The casualty is an occupant of a town under Jhinkpani police headquarters and had been telecommuting since some time.

At the point when she figured out how to get back, she portrayed the trial to her folks, it was educated to follow which the police.

She is right now hospitalized. Chaibasa SP Ashutosh Shekhar said that the case is being examined and a FIR has been enlisted against the unidentified denounced.

A few young people from adjoining towns have been arrested for cross examination based on doubt.

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